What are You Reading Today?

I’m Not Reading: I’m Writing 🙂

I’ve been re-infected with my writing bug
I’m excited! I started a new Novel for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Novemeber
But instead of NaNoWriMo’s Novemeber 50K word novelette and quantity vs quality challenge,

I set personal goals for this month:

  1. Research, develop characters, world-build and organized this information in a Scrivener file—writing software I’ll be learning as well. (Scrivener is offering a free trial for the month and 1 week.)
  2. Create a detailed outline of the story and major plot lines.
  3. Write. (I might refine this goal later.)
  4. Maintain this blog with 3 feature blogs a week.

November is Half Over. I’m proud to report that I’ve completed most of this challenge and then some.

First Goal: 90% accomplished.
I’m using (but not yet mastered) Scrivener. I’ve done all the front end research. I have dozens of pages of notes about my characters, plot lines, and world building. Much of this information is downloaded into Scrivener. (Some will never need to be there.)  In addition, since I’m very visual so I searched Google images and found images of people that have the look and feel of all my main characters and pasted them into each character page on Scrivener. I’ve started a song list I’ll use for mood setting and inspiration of events and characters.

Second Goal: Done
I’ve created an outline of all the major plots and events. I’ve structured and plotted the story structure with the seven key points of each of my three main plotlines and integrated them into the main storyline.

Third Goal: Ongoing – Doing Great
Was not quantified but I’m farther that I thought I would be at the halfway point.
I’m writing. I have over 5K words in my first draft on Scrivener and the pages are well written.  This word count does not include the Scrivener and Microsoft Word pages and the handwritten note books and loose pages of with rough or detailed scenes and related brainstorming that may or may not get integrated into the novel as the story develops.

Fourth Goal: Ongoing – Doing okay.
I got engrossed and forgot last Wednesday’s post but got it published before 9am. I’ve created and scheduled this Wednesday’s and Saturday’s Post.

What are my Neighbors Reading?

I don’t know? Sorry I was so focused on the book I never asked.



Note:  Honesty, the first few chapters of the novel is written much better than this post, and the pages are already edited better. I fixed some of the obvious mistakes in this post and added the forgotten What are you Reading Today artwork.  Sorry, kind of dashed this off.

What are You Reading Today?

I’m Reading:
Kitty and the Midnight Hour,
Carrie Vaughn.

This first book in the Kitty Norville Urban Fantasy series is about a late-night radio host whose  program accidentally evolves into a phone-in talk show for supernatural beings. Kitty has been a werewolf for a few years but is trying to keep that fact from her radio fans. I’m enjoying the book and I’m curious to see where subsequent books take the story.

A Guest at Wedding is Reading:
Legacy, Danielle Steel, a historical Novel

Another Guest at Wedding is Reading:
Deliver Us from Evil
, David Baldacci, a Thriller novel.

Where is Monday’s normal post?

Just in case you missed the post or forgot, Monday’s, What are You Reading Today post will be featured bi-weekly on Tuesdays alternating with Top Ten List.  I’ve been stressed, not reading, or working on my novels in progress so I had to simplify my life. Eliminating one post a week is one step to achieve this.  😦  I love creating posts but I have to tend to my life too.

The posts might look brief and simple but each post takes me several hours. I go that extra mile on each one. I research facts about every topic, book, and author mentioned, create links to books, authors, and sources. I create my own artwork. When I use images from others, whole or in part, I research the licensing to be sure I can legally and ethically use the work and, if so, how they must be cited.  Most bloggers use generic images and a small percentage out and out plagiarize* whatever they want.

I’m so incorrigible!

This was to be a post free day and here I am, worse as I’m writing I’m even deciding what artwork to make for it!. I can not help it! I can’t post without a picture of some kind. (At least I kept the art simple today.)

*I’ve found three of my created images on other people blogs without so much as a link or source noted. Twice I’ve found a whole post of mine pasted word for word into someone else’s blog as if they wrote it-and those are just the ones I happen to stumble upon. That makes me so angry and eats at me but I can’t really do anything about it. 😦

What are You Reading Today?

I’m between books which rarely happens to me. Lately I’ve been too busy and stressed out to focus. Life gets in the way sometimes. Worse yet I haven’t been writing, working on my novels for a long time. This is way beyond writers block. The blog takes much of my writing time and lately I seem to be running dry on top ten list idea.

To nudge me beyond this slump I’m going to simplify my life a bit. Tuesday’s Top Ten List and Monday’s What are You Reading Today? will change from weekly to biweekly features on alternate weeks. Both will be posted on Tuesdays.

I’ve been Reading? Nothing.

When I pick up my Kindle to read, I gravitate to Mahjong Butterfly. It’s not that the game is that much fun but it is just right for my attention span lately. The game is $2.99 in the Kindle Store and is a good for killing time.

A Kid in the Dentist Waiting Room was Reading:

Dog Days,  Book 4 of Diary of a Wimpy Kid  by Jeff Kinney.

A Man in the Dentist Waiting Room was Reading:

Job Interviews For Dummies by Joyce Lain Kennedy
(I gotta wonder if a “Dummies” book is the best source for job interview tips? Worse it’s a 2008 book—a totally different economy out there today.)

What are You Reading Today?

I’m reading Etched in Bone, Book 4 of Adrien Phoenix’s Maker’s Song, Urban Fantasy Series.

The reading has been slow since everything seems to be falling apart for Vampire/Fallen Angel Dante and his friends. This makes sense since most books are structured to have an “all is lost” low point about ¾ into the book. In a series this structure also arcs throughout all the books as a whole. So the “The Darkest Hour” in book 4 is right on schedule. The sad thing is On Midnight Wings, the next book and surely the turn of the tide for Dante doesn’t release until March 2012! I hate being left hanging.

A Woman at Schnuck’s grocery store is Reading

Cross Fire by James Paterson, the latest Alex Cross in the Thriller genre

My friend’s Son is Re-reading

Brisingr, the 3rd book in Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle (aka Eragon Series) from the high Fantasy genre.