The Many Faces of my Kindle Guy

A while back I asked for name suggestions for my Kindle guy. I wasn’t sure how I would choose but I when I read the anonymous suggestion sent in via my contact page I knew it was his name.

Mykin Del

Thank you Anonymous. ID yourself in a comment and I’ll give you credit. I’ll probably drop the last name for the most part.

Now feels like a good time to review the evolution of Mykin Del – Kindle guy. You might not realize this but I create most of the illustrations for this blog. I’m rather proud of my work especially considering I build them on the primitive “Paint” program that came with my laptop. Kindle guy started with an image of a Kindle in used in my blog banner.  From there he varied until I perfected my prototype.

The Many Faces of Mykin

Do you like the name? Please comment.

Illustrations by Karen LeRosier

Top Ten Tuesdays: Reasons I Love My Kindle


Reasons I Love My Kindle


My Husband Isn’t Whining about books stacked all over the house. My To-Be-Read Pile and my Read Pile is out of sight.


I Don’t Lose my Page when I set my book down.


Packing One Skinny Kindle instead of 3 fat books for a vacation. And if it turns out I should’ve packed 4…I’ll just click BUY for another one!


My Hand Doesn’t Cramp from holding books up and open in one hand.


eBooks Cost Less…well ebooks from smart publishers, that is. I boycott books that are priced the same as the printed book and wait to get them from my book swap club. (I confess, except in weak moments for books I desperately want.)


New Releases Can Be Purchased at 12:01, the Day they are released! No waiting for the bookstore to open or the UPS delivery. And they can’t sell out!


I Always Have Something to Read. And I can Buy the next book anywhere, any time–even right after I read THE END. (Which is followed by the next book and BUY now.)  Moments after a harrowing cliff hanger, I bought the next book IN BED at 11pm. Sublime indulgence!


Free Excerpts. No more buying a book only to discover it’s a new cover on an old book that I already read! When you read as much as I do this happens—too often. No need to choose a book by the cover. After reading a chapter or three the Author has either hooked you and you hit BUY, or not hit DELETE SAMPLE.


The Font Size Button. I was starting to suffer eyestrain from paperbacks small fonts sizes–falling asleep after a several pages. I use the 4th size for my normal reading. The 6th size when I’m moving on the elliptical.

 I can publish my novel when it’s ready. I don’t have to wait for  years at the mercy of agents and publishers.Now I just need to get off the social media and get writing!