Textbooks Rentals Available at Kindle

On July 18 Amazon announced the launch of Kindle Textbook Rentals. Students can save up to 80% off list prices. Tens of thousands of textbooks are available on Kindle for Fall 2011.  Students can select  rental periods between 30 & 360 days.  A special advantage is after the rental period is over, Kindle highlights – “margin notes” will still be available and stored in the Amazon Cloud. With free apps a student’s rented Kindle textbook can be read on their computer, and/or most popular pads and reading devices, making the textbook available no mater what devise they pack on any given day.

Think of the Back Problems that Won’t Develop in Lucky Kindle Freshmen!

Buying books often transcends the students college budget. Textbooks can cost $100+ and the stingy resale money given won’t make a dent in the next semesters books. With up to 80% savings Students ought to be able to cover the cost of a Kindle and still save money this fall.

With Kindle Textbooks Rentals this August
College Students can Probably Have Their Texts and Eat too!

In late summer I plan a follow-up blog post . I hope to obtain a few college students actual book lists. I will report on the availability of the textbooks on Kindle and their actual savings.
If you’ll be a college student this fall and would like to share your book list and cost please leave a comment and email this blog when you buy your books.

Amazon News Release: Students Can Now save up to 80% with Kindle Textbook rental.