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In memory of Carlos Fuentes

 Carlos Fuentes, 1928 – May 15, 2012

Carlos Fuentes Macías was a Mexican novelist and essayist. He is known for novels, The Death of Artemio Cruz, Aura , The Old Gringo. The New York Times described him as “one of the most admired writers in the Spanish-speaking world” and an important influence on “El Boom”, the “explosion of Latin American literature in the 1960s and ’70s.

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Saturday… Just Saying

Jack London, 1876-1916

Born John Griffith Chaney, Jack London was an American author, journalist, and social activist. He is most known for Call of the Wild and White Fang.

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Saturday… Just Saying

Nora Roberts, 1950-

Born Eleanor Marie Robertson, Nora Roberts is an award winning and best selling  American author of more than 200 romance novels. She also writes as J.D. Robb for the “In Death” series, also as Jill March, and in the UK as Sarah Hardesty.

The clock image was adapted from a circa 1920 historical postcard commemorating the Japanese Empire’s first census. Found in Wikimedia Commons Images.

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