Top Ten More Kindle Jokes

Due to popular demand I managed to dig up ten more Kindle Jokes. Some are not so funny but hey, beggars can’t be choosers 🙂
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Top Ten More Kindle Jokes

  Good Book: A Page Turner
Good Kindle eBook:
A Page Clicker
  Mom: What do you think of my new Kindle?
I think it’s pretty useless.
Mom: How so? I like using it to read.Kid: Yeah but where’s the camera?
  Q: What do you call an eReader virus?
A bookworm.
Yo mamma is so stupid she bought a repair eBook to fix her Kindle.
  Kindle Owner: My Kindle doesn’t work right, I can’t read in the dark.>>>>>
Kindle Service:
Have you tried turning a light on?

Kindle Owner: But the Kindle doesn’t seem to have a light.Kindle Service: Next question.
  Q: Why does Ray Bradbury hate the Kindle?
Publishers want him to edit the temperature in Fahrenheit 451.
  Email to Kindle Help: Are Self-Help Books available in Kindle format?
Email to Kindle Owner:
If I assisted you with this issue,

wouldn’t that defeat the purpose?
  Kindle #1: What did your owner think of the Joke ebook she downloaded? Kindle #2: She never finished it?
Kindle #1
Why not?
Kindel #2:
It cracked me up.
  Q: What kind of dog will fetch your Kindle?A: A Golden E-triever
  Q: How many publishers does it take to publish an ebook for Kindle?
A: Three. One to do the publishing and two to hold the author down.

Q: How many authors does it take to self-publish an ebook for Kindle?
A: One hundred.
1 author to write, publish, and tweet about it.
99 authors to Retweet it.

I wish I could cite individual jokes but they came from a variety of places often without a source listed, and most were altered in some way. Some were rewritten from the Kindle boards and some are adapted from well known generic jokes.

Top Ten Kindle Jokes

Top Ten Kindle Jokes

 The fact that Kindle Jokes even exist is an indication of how mainstream eReaders are becoming.  I couldn’t find very many to chose from so please  forgive me, some of these were so lame I was tempted to break format and make it Top 3 or4.


Blonde: I could barely squeeze two books into my luggage. How did you do?

Brunette: Won’t be a problem. My Kindle is small but can hold over three thousand books.

Blonde: Maybe it will  fit in your suitcase but how are you going to LIFT it?


Brunette: What do you use to charge your Kindle?

Blonde: My VISA!


Q: What kind of dog reads on a Kindle?

A: A Golden eReader.



Kindle: An eBook reader that is very popular.

Nook: Where you hide your kindle from your kids.


Bookworm: Have you ever tried one of those Kindle eBooks?
Second Bookworm: Yep, but it had a funny taste.
First Bookworm: Maybe it was a joke eBook.


A sign of the times, I swore at the judge

and he downloaded the eBook at me.


Overheard: I bought a cool camouflage cover for my Kindle. Now I can’t find it.


Q: What do you call your book shelf after you buy a Kindle?

A: Kindling


A Beagle dropped the Kindle he was biting and said to the Boxer,

“Go ahead take it. Call me old fashioned but I still prefer a real book.”

Robber: Your Kindle or your life.

 Man: Did you say life or wife?

The majority of these jokes were adapted from the Kindleboard.