Resources for Stranded Borders’ eReader and eBook Owners

In a 8/2/11 post, The Digital Reader blog author Nate Hoffelder provided Answers and Resources for the dilemmas that could send  Borders’ Digital Devices and eBook owners adrift. Rather than reinvent his excellent wheel, here’s the link to his post titled:

Q: Will my ebook reader die with Borders?

After checking out this post, check out other posts at The Digital Reader  which is a valuable resource to any one interested in digital reading. I subscribed to the blog for personal interests and to keep me abreast on issues related to my own blog as well.

Photo originated in Wikkimedia Commons, doctored by K LeRosier

What are You Reading Today? 8/8


Image by courosa via Flickr

I’m Reading: Disney’s Cars and Toy Story, both My Busy Books, Phidal Publishing Inc.

Both are have a fat spine holding 10 board pages books and a box compartment in the back with figurines and a play mat.  I bought the books for my twin great nephews 4th birthdays  from Borders close out sale after a appointment in Oak Park.  The Borders visit was sad event since both my kids and I have been stopping there after appointments for over ten years.

All Books were reduced a measly 20%. (My first thought was no wonder Borders went out of Business; they can’t even run closeout sales well.)

My Son is Reading: Sam’s Teach Yourself ASP Net 4.0 in 24 hours, Scott Michell. 

Which he bought at Borders–a long way from Busy Books these days.
(BTW $27.99 closeout price at Borders but would have been only $21.98 at Amazon, Kindle $15.39.)

The Casheir at Barnes & Noble is Reading Smokin Seventeen, Janet Evanovich (on her Nook of course.)

One of My many Sisters is Reading: The Gathering Storm, Robert Jorden & Brandon Sanderson