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rosemary and rue  Words from:

   Rosemary and Rue
by Seanan McGuire
An October Daye Novel


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rosemary and rue words

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I was extemporizing wildly, but I had no way of knowing that. [Loc 4882-43]

extemporize: verb

(used without object)
1. to speak extemporaneously.

2. to sing, or play on an instrument, composing the music as one proceeds; improvise.
3. to do or manage something in a makeshift way.

verb (used with object)
4. to make or devise extempore*.

5. Music. to compose offhand; improvise.

* extempore: on the spur of the moment; without premeditation or preparation; offhand

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[Bane] of night people to deal with—those rare souls who chose a diurnal existence. [Loc 2441-42]

diurnal: adjective

1 .of or pertaining to a day or each day; daily.
2. of or belonging to the daytime ( opposed to nocturnal ).
3. Botany . showing a periodic alteration of condition with day and night, as certain flowers that open by day and close by night.
4. active by day, as certain birds and insects ( opposed to nocturnal ).

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[Searching the water for] an undine named Lily. [Loc 2442]

undine: noun   1. any of a group of female water spirits described by Paracelsus*.

Note: Paracelsus first used word  undine in his 16th century alchemical work, Liber de Nymphis, sylphis, pygmaeis et salamandris et de caeteris spiritibus.

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János Thorma Fiddling Gypsy Couple:

The Rooster Crows, artist unknown

Henry Fuseli Title: Hagen und die Undine von Danubius

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Saturday… Just Saying Reprint

E. B. White, 1899 –1985

Elwyn Brooks White was an author and long-standing contributor for The New Yorker magazine. He’s most famous for Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little but wrote Adult fiction, non-fiction and poetry as well.

Quote from: http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/E._B._White

Image: Joan of Arc depicted on horseback in an illustration from a 1505 manuscript from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Joan_of_Arc_on_horseback.png