What are You Reading Today?

I’m reading Etched in Bone, Book 4 of Adrien Phoenix’s Maker’s Song, Urban Fantasy Series.

The reading has been slow since everything seems to be falling apart for Vampire/Fallen Angel Dante and his friends. This makes sense since most books are structured to have an “all is lost” low point about ¾ into the book. In a series this structure also arcs throughout all the books as a whole. So the “The Darkest Hour” in book 4 is right on schedule. The sad thing is On Midnight Wings, the next book and surely the turn of the tide for Dante doesn’t release until March 2012! I hate being left hanging.

A Woman at Schnuck’s grocery store is Reading

Cross Fire by James Paterson, the latest Alex Cross in the Thriller genre

My friend’s Son is Re-reading

Brisingr, the 3rd book in Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle (aka Eragon Series) from the high Fantasy genre.

Janet Evanovich & Kathryn Stockett Join Kindle Million Club

In the July 4th Top Ten List post an IOU was offered for 2 authors since there were only eight members of the Kindle Million Club. I predicted the ninth and tenth members would be announced by the end of July. I was 16 days short.

On August 16th Amazon announced that Janet Evanovich and Kathryn Stockett had sold their millionth paid ebook from the Kindle Store and became members of the Kindle Million Club.

The Top Eight Ten Kindle Authors & Members of the Kindle Million Club


 Janet Evanovich 8/16/2011

Best known for her Stephanie Plum novels, Evanovich’s latest release, Smoking Seventeen has been on the Kindle Best Seller list over three months.


 Kathryn Stockett 6/16/2011

Stockett’s place in the Million Club was earned with her first novel, The Help. Stockett is the first debut novelist to join the Kindle Million Club Wow!


 John Locke  – 6/20/11

The author of  the Donavan Creed novels and  Emmett Love Novels, Locke is the author of a new non-fiction book, How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months.


  Michael Connelly   –  6/9/11

The author of Crime Novels,  Harry Bosch  and Mickey Haller Series.


 Suzanne Collins  –  6/6/11

The author of the  Fantasy series The Underland Chronicles and Science Fiction trilogy The Hunger Games.


  Lee Child  6/6/11

The author  the  Jack Reacher Novels.


 Charlaine Harris   –  5/11/11

Author of ten Urban Fantasy, Sookie Stackhouse Novels, eight  Aurora Teagarden Series  novels, four Harper Connelly Series.


 Nora Roberts

The popular Author of too many series, trilogies and novels to count.


  James Patterson   –  10/26/10

Mystery author of sixteen Alex Cross novels, ten Women’s Murder Club books and other series.


 Stieg Larson 7/27/10

Author of The Millennium Trilogy.

Amazon News 8/16/2011 Release: Janet Evanovich and Kathryn Stockett Join the Kindle Million Club