About Karen LeRosier

 ♥Avid Reader

 ♥Aspiring Author

Karen lives in the Far West Chicago Boonies

♥  Happily Married 26 years 

Empty Nest Mom   of 2 twenty-something offspring 

♥  Owned by 2 Cats who allow Karen & her husband to live with them 

Amazon classifies Karen as a Power Reader—A reader who buys more than one ebook a week. Her current favorite genre is Urban Fantasy but several genres have held this honor over her decades of reading.

A Kindle3 owner since February 2011 and writing seriously for the past three years, she has been drawn into the drama of the explosive growth of eBooks, changing Publishing Paradigm and the expanded possibilities Self Publishing eBooks brings to aspiring Authors. What a wild ride!

Karen earned a  Bachelor’s of Science in Child and Family Studies or Family Social Service as a non-tradition student (euphemism for older.)

When she hit an employment dry spell due to funding for Social services cuts she began writing.  The writing gets side-railed by life’s woes and lost hope since being published through  traditional publishing is only available for a lucky few.  Self-Publishing ebooks has reopened her dreams. 

Alas, she now spends way too much time reading novels, reading about writing on social media, and creating this blog.  She’s working on finding the  discipline turn it all OFF and WRITE!


Karen’s Owners
Smog & Smoke


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  1. Linda

     /  06/01/2011

    keep going

  2. Kay-Bot

     /  08/31/2011

    I hear more stuff about your cats than you kids 😛

    • That’s because (1) my cats live with me. (2) I feel it’s appropriate to protect my families privacy and identity.

  3. diggingher

     /  09/06/2011

    Hi Karen,
    Your blog is very creative-most impressive. I too am a Kindle reader, asked for and received for Mother’s day this year. I really like your Kindle guy-cute and clever. Hope that I can learn to navigate the blog world as well as you have. Keep on blogging.

    • Thanks for the complements they mean a lot to me. After I hit send on this reply, I will visit your blog.

      Understanding blogging seemed impossible and so confusing I’ve screamed in frustration. (There are still features I don’t get at all.) It was heart-breaking to crank out thoughtful posts and have NO ONE click on them unless I begged relatives and many of them were only good for one click each (not that I blame them the topic isn’t within their interests.) One cool thing happening is people are visiting many of the older ignored posts through tags and searches so no effort was wasted.

      Hang in there on your own blog and don’t give up. Every post on blogs and blog guide said to be patient and they were right. My monthly stats for visits demonstrate this: May-25, June-59, July-388, Aug-597. I can’t say “My blog has arrived” but the stats dramatically show the blog is taking off.


  4. After tripping over my own toes, and deleting two lengthy and well thought out comments introducing myself, I will just say, “Hi, I’m Beth. I am happily married 28 years and have two sons who are 17 and 21. I found you by searching fantasy on WordPress. I look forward to spending lots of time on your blog.

    • Pleased to meet you Beth. I laugh because I delete lengthy well though out comments (and blog posts) all the time. Something about you rings kindred spirit to me.

      Here’s a tip to help with the lengthy if well though out issue. Play around on Twitter. It’s torture at first but it trains you how to edit and cut your thoughts to a stingy 140 letters. Not a cure but a good band-aid! LOL

      • Twitter scares me. I have an account and I am lurking, but the interaction is so fast, I feel like cotton candy being swirled in a cotton candy machine.

  5. Karen, I have named you for the Seven Things About Me Award because I am interested to read your answers. http://bethwarstadt.com/2012/09/18/seven-things-about-me-award-2/
    I really enjoy your weekly posts–keep ’em coming. Beth


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