Top Ten Mishaps that Didn’t Break my Kindle

My worried protectiveness for my Kindle eased with time. As a result there have been mishaps and close calls. I prefer to read with the Kindle out of its protective cover and that’s proven to be a risky habit, along with sleeping and owning cats.

Pictured: Smog and Smoke

Read in the hot tub with Kindle in a Ziplock.
Which by the way worked well, I could turn pages right through the bag..
Almost stepped on Kindle lying on floor next to bed.
I fell asleep reading but didn’t even realize I dropped the Kindle.
Left the Kindle in a tote bag in the sun all afternoon on a 98 degree day.
The shade moved forgot Kindle was in there.
Dosed off while reading in an armchair and dropped the uncovered Kindle
. The landing thud on rug woke me.
Husband propped his feet on the coffee table and the Kindle.
He didn’t realize his calf was resting on the back of the Kindle. I set it face down and left for only a minute or three.
Woke in morning with Kindle in bed with me. I fell asleep reading.

Late Breaking Mishap: Last night I fell asleep, dropped the Kindle which toppled to the floor banging the nightstand on the way. It was fine. Strange timing, I wrote this post weeks ago.

Cat jumped from window sill to my nightstand landing ON my Kindle in the harder case. Smoke weighs 16 lbs.
Cat knocked over my coffee mug on table where Kindle rested
in cover but open (like a book.) Inside cover got wet but only a few droplets hit Kindle and screen. Don’t know which cat did it, both went running.
Played addicting word game and wore “E” off the Kindle keyboard. Strangely the safest, most reasonable behavior is the one thing that caused any harm. That’s another blog post.
  .Smog’s Paws

Please share your Kindle Mishaps (or pbook mishaps) in a Comment.  

(pbook= printed book like ebook = electronic book)

“Thawing” a Kindle Freeze

My Kindle Gen3 WiFi has frozen up on me 4 times.  A frozen or unresponsive Kindle is easy to thaw, and now I can pretty much prevent it from happening.
The first time my Kindle froze the screen went blank except the bar on top  (Author heading, indicators for battery). The text from the page I left off on was just gone. Changing the page brought back the same blank page.  I freaked–hey I was in the middle of an exciting book & my Kindle was only a few weeks old. I thought my books were gone for good. I noticed the battery only had 1/3 left so I charged it. The problem remained, so I searched Amazon for Kindle troubleshooting and followed the step by step guide. (For 3rd Generation Kindle only. G1 & 2 have slightly different  steps.)

How to Thaw a Frozen Kindle

  1. Unplug Kindle from power adapter or computer.
  2. Slide and release the power button. The LED light that surrounds the power button will display green for two seconds.
  3. Shut down Kindle by sliding and holding the power button for five seconds. The LED light will blink three times. Wait for the screen to go blank, then release the power button.
  4. Turn on the Kindle by sliding and releasing the power button.
  5. If Kindle is still not working, you can perform a hard reset by sliding and holding the power button for 15 seconds.
  6. If Kindle is still unresponsive, try charging Kindle before trying to restart the device once again.
  7. Make sure you have the latest software version available installed on your Kindle. The latest version is available here:
    If you continue to experience problems, please contact us.

The Above Steps Failed to Fix the Problem. 

I requested a call from support and got a call back immediately. We went through the steps together and when that failed we did a “hard reset” together.  The friendly, helpful, and easy to understand service person said the common mistake is not holding the slide for a full 15 seconds during the fix. He timed me and afterward he walked me through reloading my books from my books archive stored by Amazon.  Done.

Kindles are Vulnerable to Freezing When:

  1. Loading Free Book Samples (But service person did not know why.)
  2. Batteries are Low. Keeping the battery charge above 50% is recommended for optimal functioning.  Kindle batteries DO NOT need to be drained dry periodically like some electronics require.
  3. WiFi Connection Fails (or weakens) during a download. (the download still worked for me though.)

After the fourth freeze* I called Kindle to see if something could be wrong with my Kindle. The service person basically said since my Kindle freezes happened as a result of low battery or loading a sample and/or responded to troubleshooting, there is nothing wrong with my Kindle 🙂

*2012 Update:

My Kindle never froze again after learning Kindle’s vulnerabilities 🙂