Top Ten Tuesday Favorite Urban Fantasy Series

My Favorite Urban Fantasy Series 

I only included series that are still on-going or will end this year. It was hard to leave out my many favorites that have ended in the the past couple of years.

Please comment with your favorite series -of any genre.

List includes,  the Author, series name, the main character, then name and date of release of the first, latest, and next books.

1. Kim Harrison’s The Hallows – Rachel Morgan

First: Dead Witch Walking  4/12    Latest:  #9 Pale Demon 2/2011
My First Kindle book. I love the world of the Hallows and I’ve forgiven KH for Kisten’s fate—though it took a while

2. Karen Marie Moning’s  Fever Series  – MacKayla Lane

First: Darkfever 2006     Latest & Final: #5 Shadow Fever 1/2011
I have never angsted for a book’s release as much as I did for Shadow Fever, and now it’s over.  KMM has said there will be spin offs novel featuring the Fever series characters.

3. Rachel Caine: The Weather Warden Series – Joanne Baldwin

First: Ill Wind 12/2003     Latest: #9 Total Eclipse 8/2010     Next: ?
The gaps between books are getting long—RC is writing 3-4 series. I started reading Total Eclipse but felt I had to stop and reread previous ones so  it’s in my too be read pile.

4. Kelley Armstrong: Otherworld: Narrators Vary

First: Bitten 9/2001    Latest: #11 Walking the Witch 7/2010    Next: #12 Spell Bound 7/2011
Bitten was amazing. I enjoy the others greatly but Bitten was a hard act to follow.

5. Karen Chance: Cassandra Palmer Series

First: Touch the Dark 6/2006   Latest: #4 Curse the Dawn 4/2009    Next: #5 Hunt the Moon 6/7/2011
Cassie’s story unfolded at a break neck speed and has kept up the pace. I sometimes feel I ought to rest up before the next rollercoaster plunge of a chapter—but I can’t put the book down.

6. Karen Chance: Dorina Basarab Series

First: Midnight’s Daughter 10/2008    Latest: #2 Death’s Mistress 1/2010   Next: ?
Dorina’s Series spun off of Cassie’s series; Several characters overlap in the two series; KC’ does a masterful job of giving fresh perspective and new dimensions of these characters through Dorina’s pont of view.  Still, Dorina’s books would be great reads without reading the parent series.

7. Vicki Pettersson: Signs of the Zodiac Joanna Archer

First: The Scent of Shadows 3/2007    Latest and Final: # 6 Neon Graveyard 5/31/2011
This series ha so many unique and interesting premises and threads, I can’t imagine how VP will wrap the story up with this last book. I plan to reread the first 5 books before I delve into this last one.

8. Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson Series

First: Moon Called 3/2010    Latest: #6 River Marked 3/2011    Next: #7 Untitled Spring 2013
Too long a wait Grrr!  I love the little shapeshifer coyote adopted into the werewolves’ world.

9. Richelle Mead: Dark Swan Series- Eugenie Markham

First: Storm Born 8/2008    Latest: #3 Iron Crowned 3/2011    Next: #4 Shadow Heir 1/2012
I  discovered this series last February and practically swallowed the first three whole, one after another.

10. Ilona Andrews: Kate Daniels Series

First: Magic Bites 4/2007    Latest: #5  Magic Slays 5/31/2011
I’ve only just begun this series but I’m hooked,  finished #1 and I’m excited there are three more to be read.

Top Ten Tuesdays: Reasons I Love My Kindle


Reasons I Love My Kindle


My Husband Isn’t Whining about books stacked all over the house. My To-Be-Read Pile and my Read Pile is out of sight.


I Don’t Lose my Page when I set my book down.


Packing One Skinny Kindle instead of 3 fat books for a vacation. And if it turns out I should’ve packed 4…I’ll just click BUY for another one!


My Hand Doesn’t Cramp from holding books up and open in one hand.


eBooks Cost Less…well ebooks from smart publishers, that is. I boycott books that are priced the same as the printed book and wait to get them from my book swap club. (I confess, except in weak moments for books I desperately want.)


New Releases Can Be Purchased at 12:01, the Day they are released! No waiting for the bookstore to open or the UPS delivery. And they can’t sell out!


I Always Have Something to Read. And I can Buy the next book anywhere, any time–even right after I read THE END. (Which is followed by the next book and BUY now.)  Moments after a harrowing cliff hanger, I bought the next book IN BED at 11pm. Sublime indulgence!


Free Excerpts. No more buying a book only to discover it’s a new cover on an old book that I already read! When you read as much as I do this happens—too often. No need to choose a book by the cover. After reading a chapter or three the Author has either hooked you and you hit BUY, or not hit DELETE SAMPLE.


The Font Size Button. I was starting to suffer eyestrain from paperbacks small fonts sizes–falling asleep after a several pages. I use the 4th size for my normal reading. The 6th size when I’m moving on the elliptical.

 I can publish my novel when it’s ready. I don’t have to wait for  years at the mercy of agents and publishers.Now I just need to get off the social media and get writing!


My First Post

Hi Readers,

Welcome to my Newby Blogger Practice Grounds! This is my first post on my first blog site. I’ve created this blog to learn hands on and practice . When I feel competent I’ll switch to a blog with my own domain. I hope my trials and errors aren’t too painful–or embarrassing. I hope readers will bear with me!


Karen LeRosier