Free Vooks in Kindle Store

Right now many Vooks are FREE in the Kindle Store– text books on law, history, science, and math mostly. Search Vooks in the Kindle store and set “sort by” to “Price: low to high.”

What is a Vook?

A vook is a combination of text, video, and Internet in an ebook.  As you read your vook you can watch videos, or listen to audio, and connect with social media on one screen, with no need to switch between platforms. Vooks are available in two formats: As a web-based application for reading on your computer and an application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

I “bought” Intellectual Property 101and History of Rock & Roll 101, both by Dr. Vook PH.D Unfortunately I hadn’t noted that they would only work for iPad and the like. The book and author links take you to the related you-tube video.  On my kindle each chapter has this note,

“There is video content at this location that is not currently supported for your devise. The caption for this content is below.”

So I used my Kindle App on my laptop and tried to read it there. Instead of the quote  got a bright blue box with a cartoon of Dr. Vook but no video or audio. The text seems complete and quite possibly contains the transcript of the missing video. It’s also possible there is another app that will allow the Vook to work on my computer but my technical consultant isn’t answering my calls or texts, aka my probably still asleep son.
That said…

Free is a Good Price for Layman Friendly Text Books. 

To learn more about Vook technology, click here  for the What is a Vook video on their website. Not as entertaining as Dr. Vook Vids!