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Happy 6 Months of Blogging

As of today I been blogging for 6 months. My blog and I got our birthday gift when total blog visits reached 2000 on the eve of our six month blog birthday. Many thanks to those who answered my plea and helped with the last 37 visits needed (I got over 50 visits in answer).

Many thanks to all the people out in the bloggosphere who have visited the blog.
2000 thanks to those who’ve commented.
A million thanks to Bobbie who is my top commenter.

I’ve posted 78 blogsan average of 13 a month.

The 3 Most visited Posts:
Visits to the current post gets counted as visits to the home pages.
This statistic primarily counts visits generated from search engines.

1. Letters Wear of Kindle Keyboard 09/08/11
2. Thawing Kindle Freeze 08/05/11
3. Top Ten Science Fiction 08/02/11 (thanks KMW)

My Favorite Blog Post: Top Ten Q & A from Interview with Mark Twain 07/26/11

My Favorite Weekly Feature: Saturday Just Saying
Weekly Feature that gets Most Comments:

Thank you and please visit often!

I’m eagerly waiting 2000 more visits!

Karen LeRosier