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Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse 1881 – 1975

P. G. Wodehouse was an English writer of novels , short-stories, and other forms of the written word. He is best known for Jeeves and Blanding Castle Novels and Short Stories.

Lately I feel the same way. I’m glad the holidays are over so I can get back to it. – Karen LeRosier

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My NaNoWriMo Report!

I’m really glad I entered the NANoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) Challenge.

I did not aim for the official goal of writing a 50K novel, I set my own goals.

I hit the brainstorming and organizational goals I set for myself early on. Then I wrote more than I hoped for. I definitely got myself back into the writing habit.

The need to write about 1,700 words a day to win results in the major benefit of participating in NaNoWriMo–the establishment of a daily writing habit. The discipline to write daily, whether you’re in the mood or not, is key to finishing a novel of any size.

Although I did not write the 1,700 words a day needed to reach 50K words, I did spend 1-3 hours writing almost everyday, some days much more. I didn’t write on Thanksgiving day but I wrote for an hour and a half on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, between housecleaning and preparing for the holiday celebration at my house (a solution to a flaw in a scene came to me and I wanted to get it down before I lost it.)

12:01 am Thursday, December 1, 2011

Karen LeRosier NaNoWriMo report.

16  Thousand + Words!

Clap Clap Clap! Yeah!

16,231 to be exact.

I haven’t read a book since October! That’s rare.

* Sheltered Disclosures had  20,482 words as of 12/5/11!

Top Ten Writing Interuptions.

Interruptions can be a relief or devastating to a writer.

The biggest lesson* I learned from working on a couple of novels over three years is the secret to writing is putting words to “paper” (computer screen) even when the muse is not with you or else your novel will never get finished.  Zen Zones are rare, the words flowing from your mind, the characters driving themselves, and your hands trying to keep up on the keyboard.

When zen zones are interrupted it’s a horrible thing. You might refocus your mind and keep telling the tale but you will NEVER get that steaming train back.  The problem is, the casual observer can’t tell you’re in that zone until you finally look up and they see that utterly blank where am I look. And then it’s too late. One exception: I truly believe my cats know when I’m in that zone and it fills them with the urge to demand my attention. Brats.

Fortunately most of my writing sessions can weather interruptions—if I don’t allow myself to get side-railed into doing something else.
My personal list of interruptions are loosely ordered by the frequency of occurrence.

Top Ten Writing Interruptions


This usually only happens when I’m in the Zen Zone. Suddenly I realize I’m sitting in darkness straining to see by the light of my laptop screen. When I get up to turn on the light, interruption 8, 7, 6, and/or 1 often follow.


I finish a chapter or scene and I just don’t know how to get where I want the story to go, or I can’t even decide where the story should go next. I just have to walk away and do something else.


I decide I’ve been in my office too long, I ought to clean house, cook dinner, or something.

Legs Go to Sleep

Eventually the tingling will pull me out of my writing and I have to walk and stomp the circulation back. Sometimes I can often get right back to writing since I don’t have to leave the room.


The need for a refill. Getting hungry is the same problem. There’s always a risk that once I go downstairs I won’t go back up. I’ll end up cleaning or putting in a load of laundry.

The Cats

One of the cat will walk across my keyboard or just stand on it.  I’m certain that they do this on purpose to get my attention. I’ve learned to save often!

The Phone

I don’t usually bring either cell or land line to my office so I can often ignore the ringing.

My Husband

He’ll see me sitting  quietly and decides it’s a good time to start talking. He claims that if I’m really deeply engrossed I won’t look up and I even answer him without stopping my typing. Skills of a long marriage!


I’ll switch windows to Google something, or search for a word that is eluding me. The problem is too often I’ll get too involved in the research and won’t get back to the writing.

Bathroom Break

The bane of the middle aged woman. There are some mornings I’ve had fleeting thoughts of putting a laptop desk in the bathroom. I can usually get right back to the writing and sometimes that little bit of brainstorming time helps the writing process. Sometimes I don’t get back to the computer but go of to do the things I’ve been neglecting.

* The second lesson is when you find yourself beating a dead horse-put it out of it’s misery and get a new one. Authors call it killing your darlings. Laying them to rest in a bottom drawer (archived file.)

About My NaNoWriMo Novel

I finally have a title for my NaNoWriMo novel I’m writing. I also have  a one, and a two sentence, description of the story to share.

Sheltered Disclosures

An Urban Fantasy by Karen LeRosier

One Sentence Description:
Desperate for a job, an unemployed woman’s shelter advocate agrees to council an abused woman despite hairy complications and disclosures.

Two Sentence Description:
A broke, laid-off women’s shelter advocate takes a temp job to privately counsel a viciously abused young woman. The employer’s a werewolf and the client might sprout fur, but the victim needs her and this unnerving disclosure might lead to her niche in life—if she can assimilate a new reality.

As wordy as I am, it’s extremely difficult to compress into one sentence a story that previously took me at least fifteen minutes to describe. But it’s needed for publishing so I did it and

There it is—exposed to public eyes.

If you’ve read my Works in Progress (WIP) page you know how reluctant I’ve been to share details of my writing. I’m not sure what my issue is. Maybe it’s fear of being laughed at or that someone will bring me to earth and tell me you can’t become an author—that’s for other people. After all, my Mom does snicker every time I mention my writing. Or, maybe I’m afraid a real author or an editor will see it and drop the sorry but you have no talent bomb.

Don’t know the answer but I’m sticking my neck out and I will hit the PUBLISH button now…or maybe next week…

Now Karen.

What are You Reading Today?

I’m Not Reading: I’m Writing 🙂

I’ve been re-infected with my writing bug
I’m excited! I started a new Novel for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Novemeber
But instead of NaNoWriMo’s Novemeber 50K word novelette and quantity vs quality challenge,

I set personal goals for this month:

  1. Research, develop characters, world-build and organized this information in a Scrivener file—writing software I’ll be learning as well. (Scrivener is offering a free trial for the month and 1 week.)
  2. Create a detailed outline of the story and major plot lines.
  3. Write. (I might refine this goal later.)
  4. Maintain this blog with 3 feature blogs a week.

November is Half Over. I’m proud to report that I’ve completed most of this challenge and then some.

First Goal: 90% accomplished.
I’m using (but not yet mastered) Scrivener. I’ve done all the front end research. I have dozens of pages of notes about my characters, plot lines, and world building. Much of this information is downloaded into Scrivener. (Some will never need to be there.)  In addition, since I’m very visual so I searched Google images and found images of people that have the look and feel of all my main characters and pasted them into each character page on Scrivener. I’ve started a song list I’ll use for mood setting and inspiration of events and characters.

Second Goal: Done
I’ve created an outline of all the major plots and events. I’ve structured and plotted the story structure with the seven key points of each of my three main plotlines and integrated them into the main storyline.

Third Goal: Ongoing – Doing Great
Was not quantified but I’m farther that I thought I would be at the halfway point.
I’m writing. I have over 5K words in my first draft on Scrivener and the pages are well written.  This word count does not include the Scrivener and Microsoft Word pages and the handwritten note books and loose pages of with rough or detailed scenes and related brainstorming that may or may not get integrated into the novel as the story develops.

Fourth Goal: Ongoing – Doing okay.
I got engrossed and forgot last Wednesday’s post but got it published before 9am. I’ve created and scheduled this Wednesday’s and Saturday’s Post.

What are my Neighbors Reading?

I don’t know? Sorry I was so focused on the book I never asked.



Note:  Honesty, the first few chapters of the novel is written much better than this post, and the pages are already edited better. I fixed some of the obvious mistakes in this post and added the forgotten What are you Reading Today artwork.  Sorry, kind of dashed this off.