Top Ten (Not Free) Free Kindle Books Guides on Kindle. Huh?

If you search “free book” in the Kindle store, each page of Kindle eBooks is sprinkled with eBooks that cost money but are about Free Books! I’ve listed by number the order they appeared. (Blog subscriptions about free Kindle eBooks that cost $ were not included.)  After I noted the first ten, I skipped ahead randomly and found Not Free, Free Kindle Book guides for specific genres, which might be more helpful to someone.  More symptoms of the Kindle Store’s illogical search system.

Would you pay $ for an eBook list of free eBooks when you could look them up yourself?
Apparently some people will.


Read For Free: Download Free Kindle Books by Monica Loretti

(Kindle Edition – Jul 2, 2011) – Kindle eBook

Buy: $0.99


Free Kindle Books: Where to Find and Download Free Books for Kindle by Lennox Louis

(Kindle Edition – Jun 9, 2011) – Kindle eBook

Buy: $2.99


Free Books for Your Kindle (revised edition) by Bufo Calvin

(Kindle Edition – Sep 15, 2009) – Kindle eBook

Buy: $0.99


Free Kindle Books – The Killer List! PLUS Bonus How to Get Even More Free Books into your Kindle! $0.99 Cents by Charles Wolfe

(Kindle Edition – Jan 20, 2011) – Kindle eBook

Buy: $0.99


Free books for Kindle: The secrets of how to get the world’s greatest books for a radical price by Chris Graham

(Kindle Edition – Oct 23, 2010) – Kindle eBook

Buy: $0.99


FREE Kindle Books by E.L. Williams

(Kindle Edition – Jan 16, 2011) – Kindle eBook

Buy: $1.00


 Free Books For Kindle: Linked List Of Over 1,000 Free Fiction Classics For Download As Free Kindle Books From Amazon by Morris Rosenthal

(Kindle Edition – Nov 21, 2010) – Kindle eBook

Buy: $0.99


KINDLE FREE FOR ALL: How to Get Millions of Free Kindle Books and Other Free Content With or Without an Amazon Kindle (NEW and UP-TO-DATE: MAY 2011 – For … Latest Generation Kindles and Kindle Apps)by Stephen Windwalker

(Kindle Edition – Dec 20, 2010) – Kindle eBook

Buy: $0.99


Free Kindle Books Online Download Guide by Sofiya Melnykova and

(Kindle Edition – Feb 10, 2011) – Kindle eBook

Buy: $2.99


Free Kindle Books and How to Find Them (revised April 2011) by Michael Gallagher

(Kindle Edition – Apr 1, 2011) – Kindle eBook

Buy: $0.99

Maybe you could look up a list of Free Kindle Books,
write a guide, and ePublish it
. You might make some spending money!