1000 Blog Visits, Thank you Readers!

I’m celebrating 1000 Visits in 2 ways.

1. I’ve upgraded

from a free WordPress blog to a private domain. My Domain: http://KLeRosier.com
The old URL http//KLeRlosier.wordpress.com  will still bring you to the blog.

2. Naming my Kindle Character.

I’ve decided on an official version and ‘m asking the people who got me to my goal of 1000 visits to name him. Please share what you think he/she should be named in a comment.

Top Ten Books that Need to Remain in Printed Format

I prefer reading on my Kindle over a printed book. (see Top Ten Reasons I love My Kindle post) But there are some books that just belong in printed book format. Kid’s books dominate the list with books that provide texture, attached parts and even aromas. Another issue is size does mater, some books need to be large.
I hope these books will always be available on paper.
So far publishers agree. All of the types of books on the list can be purchased in printed format, 9 at Amazon, but only 1 of the 9 is available in Kindle format (AKF)


Where’s Waldo, Martin Handford

The illustrations on Waldo books spread across two pages, 12″ x 20″ crammed full of tiny people in a themed setting. The goal: Find Waldo, the guy in a red stripped hat and shirt. In each sequel book Waldo gets smaller and harder to find. Suggested ages bracket is 4-8. I think they would need help, no issue since preteens thru adults loved to find Waldo too. NAKF(Not Available in Kindle Format)  http://www.findwaldo.com/


Bibles & other religious tomes

It would be definitely be easier to read a bible on a Kindle, and defininately easier to tote around. But there is something about the feel of a Bible. The paper just seems almost silky feeling to me. I love the feel of the paper edge when you fan the pages. I remember  the gilded edges of my Grandma’s bible and the things she stuck between pages. Hundreds of Bibles are sold in Kindle format as well as printed format. AKF


Works of Art Books

For instance, Slavadore Dali by Rachel Barnes. So much detail and quality is already lost when paintings are reproduced onto paper even in a 17”x 14” like this book. Too much more would be lost on a color Kindle or even a larger ipad. Pixels and Dali don’t mix. NAKF


School Yearbooks

What good is a yearbook without silly saying and autographs from classmates in the borders 2 good 2B 4gotten. For obvious reason yearbooks are not available at Amazon in any format.


Rand McNally Road Atlas and others

These books open up to a 15” X  21” state map spread and I wouldn’t want them any smaller. I love following a road trip on a map. GPS’s are great but you can’t see a whole road trip, where you came from and where you’re headed. A Kindle screen wouldn’t be much better. NAKF


Coffee Table Books

Those large glossy nonfiction books people display on coffee tables. A Kindle laying on the table just wouldn’t cut it. Usually full of large photographs and brief descriptions, typical coffee table book subject matter includes travel, National Parks, and Histories of Wars, Aviation, Art, or Architecture. (Slavador Dali from above could be one.)  NAKF


Oversized Story Books

The kind talented PreSchool and Kindergarten teachers are able to read aloud with them facing outward, the words upside down, and balanced across their lap so the kids can see the pictures. They have to stay printed and big. Example of sizes, 14″ x 16″, 18 x 18″, 18″ x 15″. I learned to read from my first words from oversized books. Run. See Spot run. (Talk about giving your age away!) NAKF


Scratch and Sniff books.

Just can’t be done in a digital format (although I wouldn’t miss them.) A search on Amazon brought up 226 Scratch and Sniffs, almost all children’s books. I was dismayed to discover amongst those cute kids books so called “adult” ones randomly placed in the mix. Gross and just wrong. The inadequacies I find in Amazon’s search engine continue to confound me. NAKF


Klutz Activity Books like Cats Cradle

And other books with toys. Amazon lists Cats Cradle under Toys and Games but it’s a book, with board pages, attached strings, and very detailed instructions how to play this classic game. Other tittles come with stuff like paints, propellers, or a deck of cards. NAKF


Pat the Bunny (Touch and Feel Book)by Dorothy Kunhardt

The name explains the issue. eInk can’t do texture. How can a toddler put a finger through Mother’s ring (a hole in the page) on a Kindle?  These clever people make the book from light weight tag board so every toddler destroys their copy and a new one must be bought when a sibling is born. According to Wikipedia,”In 2011, Random House Children’s Books released a “”pat the bunny”” app, inspired by the original book, for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.” Oh please. Tell me that modern mothers don’t by into that, don’t beleive the app replaces the physical book.  NAKF

What books would you have included on this list?

What are You Reading Today?

I am Reading: Hunt the Moon, Karen Chance

Book 5 in the Cassie Palmer series. (finished over the weekend.) I love this series. They tend to begin mid-harrowing action and keep going and this one might be the most action packed. I found myself thinking alright!  Enough disaster has befallen Cassie, let her up for air–and let the reader find a good pace to set the book down so they can sleep. The series is about Cassie a young woman who finds herself suddenly put in a position of power with powerful magical abilities but without the instruction manual or training. She is also surrounded by powerful people who are willing to help her but also want to control her as well as those who want to destroy her. In each book she learns to control more of her abilities (trial and error mostly) and grows into her role more.

Karen Chance has created a large cast of unusual quirky characters. My favorites include John Pritkin, her war mage bodyguard and Billy her symbiotic ghost companion and sometimes rescuer. A rather unique feature on Karen Chance’s website is a gallery with beautiful illustrations of her characters.

The Cashier at Hy-vee is Reading: Intro to Psychology

(He didn’t know the author or Publisher)

The Guy at the Vegetable Stand is Reading: Hells Corner, David Baldacci

Saturday…Just saying

“I suspect all writers have days like that.”
-Karen LeRosier

Oscar Wilde 1854-1900

Janet Evanovich & Kathryn Stockett Join Kindle Million Club

In the July 4th Top Ten List post an IOU was offered for 2 authors since there were only eight members of the Kindle Million Club. I predicted the ninth and tenth members would be announced by the end of July. I was 16 days short.

On August 16th Amazon announced that Janet Evanovich and Kathryn Stockett had sold their millionth paid ebook from the Kindle Store and became members of the Kindle Million Club.

The Top Eight Ten Kindle Authors & Members of the Kindle Million Club


 Janet Evanovich 8/16/2011

Best known for her Stephanie Plum novels, Evanovich’s latest release, Smoking Seventeen has been on the Kindle Best Seller list over three months.


 Kathryn Stockett 6/16/2011

Stockett’s place in the Million Club was earned with her first novel, The Help. Stockett is the first debut novelist to join the Kindle Million Club Wow!


 John Locke  – 6/20/11

The author of  the Donavan Creed novels and  Emmett Love Novels, Locke is the author of a new non-fiction book, How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months.


  Michael Connelly   –  6/9/11

The author of Crime Novels,  Harry Bosch  and Mickey Haller Series.


 Suzanne Collins  –  6/6/11

The author of the  Fantasy series The Underland Chronicles and Science Fiction trilogy The Hunger Games.


  Lee Child  6/6/11

The author  the  Jack Reacher Novels.


 Charlaine Harris   –  5/11/11

Author of ten Urban Fantasy, Sookie Stackhouse Novels, eight  Aurora Teagarden Series  novels, four Harper Connelly Series.


 Nora Roberts

The popular Author of too many series, trilogies and novels to count.


  James Patterson   –  10/26/10

Mystery author of sixteen Alex Cross novels, ten Women’s Murder Club books and other series.


 Stieg Larson 7/27/10

Author of The Millennium Trilogy.

Amazon News 8/16/2011 Release: Janet Evanovich and Kathryn Stockett Join the Kindle Million Club