What are You Reading Today?

I am Reading: Hunt the Moon, Karen Chance

Book 5 in the Cassie Palmer series. (finished over the weekend.) I love this series. They tend to begin mid-harrowing action and keep going and this one might be the most action packed. I found myself thinking alright!  Enough disaster has befallen Cassie, let her up for air–and let the reader find a good pace to set the book down so they can sleep. The series is about Cassie a young woman who finds herself suddenly put in a position of power with powerful magical abilities but without the instruction manual or training. She is also surrounded by powerful people who are willing to help her but also want to control her as well as those who want to destroy her. In each book she learns to control more of her abilities (trial and error mostly) and grows into her role more.

Karen Chance has created a large cast of unusual quirky characters. My favorites include John Pritkin, her war mage bodyguard and Billy her symbiotic ghost companion and sometimes rescuer. A rather unique feature on Karen Chance’s website is a gallery with beautiful illustrations of her characters.

The Cashier at Hy-vee is Reading: Intro to Psychology

(He didn’t know the author or Publisher)

The Guy at the Vegetable Stand is Reading: Hells Corner, David Baldacci

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  1. Scott

     /  08/29/2011

    Head First C#, and various VBA information online.

  2. Bobbie

     /  08/29/2011

    You continue to show your involvement and purpose as time as goes on! I like that.

  3. Nancy Umstead

     /  08/30/2011

    I’m not reading anything at the moment. I’ve got slim picking on the shelf. I need to get to the used book store to trade in my stack. I think ” cashier at Hy-vee” & “the guy at the vegetable stand” is neat. Do you just go around asking random people in your day to day activities?

    • Yep, when I can remember. Problem is so many people do not read if they don’t have too.

  4. Kay-Bot

     /  08/31/2011

    I have a silly confession…. I’m playing a computer game made a while ago (Oblivion) and in it they have tons of books you can find and all of them are readable. They’re only short stories but some of them help with back story of the world and a lot of them are just jokes and super funny. I’ve been collecting all of them (there are A LOT) and reading them when I collect all the books of one type. It’s been pretty fun because it’s like earning my reading lol.


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