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Henry Miller 11 CommandmentsHenry Miller, 1891 – 1980

Henry Valentine Miller was an American writer known for abandoning standard literary forms and creating his own form, fiction yet a crossover of many non-fiction styles. His novels Tropic of Cancer, Black Spring, and Tropic of Capricorn best reflect his unique style. He also wrote nonfiction works and was a painter.

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Robert Heinlein, 1907 – 1988

Robert Heinlein was an American science fiction writer known as the Dean of Science Fiction Writers, a member of the Big Three of Science Fiction, and one of the most controversial writers of the time. Of his 32 novels, my personal favorites are Stranger in a Strange Land and Time Enough for Love, both dated and sexist but wonderful stories all the same.

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Somerset Maugham 1874 –1965

Maugham was an English novelist and short story writer.
His novels include Of Human Bondage, The Moon and Sixpence, and The Razor’s Edge.

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