Top Ten Kindle Jokes

Top Ten Kindle Jokes

 The fact that Kindle Jokes even exist is an indication of how mainstream eReaders are becoming.  I couldn’t find very many to chose from so please  forgive me, some of these were so lame I was tempted to break format and make it Top 3 or4.


Blonde: I could barely squeeze two books into my luggage. How did you do?

Brunette: Won’t be a problem. My Kindle is small but can hold over three thousand books.

Blonde: Maybe it will  fit in your suitcase but how are you going to LIFT it?


Brunette: What do you use to charge your Kindle?

Blonde: My VISA!


Q: What kind of dog reads on a Kindle?

A: A Golden eReader.



Kindle: An eBook reader that is very popular.

Nook: Where you hide your kindle from your kids.


Bookworm: Have you ever tried one of those Kindle eBooks?
Second Bookworm: Yep, but it had a funny taste.
First Bookworm: Maybe it was a joke eBook.


A sign of the times, I swore at the judge

and he downloaded the eBook at me.


Overheard: I bought a cool camouflage cover for my Kindle. Now I can’t find it.


Q: What do you call your book shelf after you buy a Kindle?

A: Kindling


A Beagle dropped the Kindle he was biting and said to the Boxer,

“Go ahead take it. Call me old fashioned but I still prefer a real book.”

Robber: Your Kindle or your life.

 Man: Did you say life or wife?

The majority of these jokes were adapted from the Kindleboard.

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  1. Bobbie

     /  06/28/2011

    of course, having a beagle of my own i enjoyed the dog joke the best!
    cute ideas u r coming up with4 your blog!
    go karen! go karen! go karen!

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting regularly on the blog Bobbie.
    Actually I changed the dogs from dog1 and dog2, and naturally it had to be a Beagle.

  3. The one that got me the best was the judge one. haha Could have woken the dead (and roommates) with that laugh.

  4. Kay

     /  07/09/2011

    If they have jokes about iphones and blackberries, I guess they can have jokes about kindles ;). I think you should regularly add to this list as more appear.


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