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frost burned, briggsThis Weeks Words are from:

Frost Burned, [Mercy Thompson Book 7]
Patricia Briggs

words for 3-16-2013


obstreperous: adjective
1.resisting control or restraint in a difficult manner; unruly.
2.noisy, clamorous, or boisterous: obstreperous children.

“But if she gets too obstreperous, just let me know.” Page 227

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nascent: adjective:
1. beginning to exist or develop: the nascent republic.
2. Chemistry . (of an element) in the nascent state.

Two odd lumps that looked like nascent antlers emerge from his head. Page 175
[in reference to a weird sort of fae.]
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suborn: verb (used with object)
1. to bribe or induce (someone) unlawfully or secretly to perform some misdeed or to commit a crime.
2. in law: a. to induce (person, especially a witness) to give false testimony. b. to obtain (false testimony) from witness.

He suborned them to weaken you and take over the seethe.  Page 293
[seethe is the author’s fictitious word for a unit of vampires]
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Image: Dance Party:
Image: Deer Photo taken by Daniel Mayer:
Image: Witness at Nuremberg Trials:
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frost burned, briggsThis Weeks Words are from:

Frost Burned
[Mercy Thompson Book 7]

Patricia Briggs

Using the highlight feature on my Kindle, I’m now including the actual sentences the words were used in.

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3-9-2013 words

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thought it meant something like to split hairs.

parse: verb 1. to analyze (a sentence) in terms of grammatical constituents, identifying the parts of speech, syntactic relations, etc.

2. to describe (a word in a sentence) grammatically, identifying the part of speech, inflectional form, syntactic function, etc.

3. to analyze (something, as a speech or behavior) to discover its implications or uncover a deeper meaning: Political columnists were in their glory, parsing the president’s speech on the economy in minute detail.

4. Computers. to analyze (a string of characters) in order to associate groups of characters with the syntactic units of the underlying grammar.

 “Ben [werewolf] half growled, half spoke, but I couldn’t parse anything he said.” Page 19 leather bar

Canids: Pointy teeth?

Canid: noun 1. any animal of the dog family Canidae, including the wolves, jackals, hyenas, coyotes, foxes, and domestic dogs.

“Ariana had a deep-seated and totally justified terror of canids.” [In this case Briggs stretches the word to encompass a werewolf and coyote shape-shifter, both still in human form] Page 32
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Détente: Makes me think of teeth again but not.

Détente [dey-tahnt; French dey-tahnt]

Noun: a relaxing of tension, especially between nations, as by negotiations or agreements.

“It would destroy the détente between those who want to kill the [were] wolves and those who want to see them as good people with a terrible disease.” Page 52

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Hexed Iron Druid

  Words from

  Hexed by Kevin Hearnes

  Iron Druid Chronicles Book 2

3-2-13 words

Solipsism: Something related to sunburned lips?

solipsism: noun

1. Philosophy . the theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist.
2. extreme preoccupation with and indulgence of one’s feelings, desires, etc.; egoistic self-absorption.

The solipsism of the rising star made casting of support actors difficult.leather bar

Philtre: Related to phial, British vial?

philtre (British) philter (US) noun

1. a drink supposed to arouse love, desire, etc

She broke my little bottle of philtre number nine.

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Fulminate: To culminate, fully?


verb (used without object) 1. to explode with a loud noise; detonate.
2. to issue denunciations or the like (usually followed by against ): The minister fulminated against legalized vice.

verb (used with object)3. to cause to explode.
4. to issue or pronounce with vehement denunciation, condemnation, or the like.

noun 5. one of a group of unstable, explosive compounds derived from fulminic acid, especially the mercury salt of fulminic acid, which is a powerful detonating agent.

The timer  was set to fulminate the bomb in thirty seconds.

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Hexed Iron DruidWords from

Hexed by Kevin Hearne
Book 2 Iron Druid Chronicles.

for 2-23-blog post

Potentates: Strong spirits like bootleg whiskey?

potentates: noun- a person who possesses great power, as a sovereign, monarch, or ruler.
The potenates were arriving for the world peace summit.

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Internecine: Related to Internal medicine?

internecine: Adjective
1. of or pertaining to conflict or struggle within a group
2. mutually destructive.
3. characterized by great slaughter; deadly.
The death toll from the internecine battle was a cautionary tale for both sides.

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Zeitgeist: A new brand of blemish cover-up?

zeitgeist [tsahyt-gahyst] German noun: the spirit of the time; general trend of thought or
feeling characteristic of a particular period of time.
New tax legislation would be a mistake in light of the zeitgeist of American citizens.

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Portrait of Pope Paul: http://commons.wikimedia.org
Painting-Napoleon on the Battlefield: http://commons.wikimedia.org
Photograph of Kenney and Christabel: http://commons.wikimedia.org

Looked That Up 2/16/2013

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1 Word from Ever After by Kim Harrison

Ever After HarrisonEither I was too engrossed in the story or the novel’s vocabulary is contained
within mine. I knew this word but the context it which it was used made me wonder, so I looked it up.
I was off by degree, languor is more than “very relaxed.”).

Languor by F. Zandomeneghilanguorous: adjective 1. characterized by languor; languid. 2. inducing languor: languorous fragrance.
languor, noun: 1. lack of energy or vitality; sluggishness. 2.lack of spirit or interest; listlessness; stagnation. 3. physical weakness or faintness.

From Ever After, Kim Harrison “[It was] stretched out and dangerously languorous.”

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Hounded, HearnesMore words from:
Hounded, by Kevin Hearne.
Book 1
The Iron Druid Chronicles

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Ephemeral: Not a form of the word of euphemism?

Woman with Mirror, Frederick Carl Friesekeephemeral: Adjective 1. lasting a very short time; short-lived; transitory: the ephemeral joys of childhood.
2. lasting but one day: an ephemeral flower.

Noun: 3. anything short-lived, as certain insects.

Studying her reflection, she bemoaned ephemeral youth.

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Inchoate:  Inch you ate?

Draft of a Supreme Court Rulinginchoate: adjective 1. not yet completed or fully developed; rudimentary.

2. just begun; incipient.

3. not organized; lacking order: an inchoate mass of ideas on the subject.

Upon rereading, the writer found her inchoate first chapter awful.

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Languor, 1890 Painting by F. Zandomeneghi:  http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/

Woman with Mirror, 1910 painting by Frederick Carl Frieseke:  http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/

Part of a 1964 first draft of Douglas’ US Supreme Court ruling. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/