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Hexed Iron Druid 3 Words From One Sentence on: Page 50
Hexed by Kevin Hearne
Book 2 Iron Druid Chronicle

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3-23-13 Baccus

Bacchants carry around thyrsi which are staves wrapped in ivy leaves… (page 50)bar for looked that up

noun  1. a priest, priestess, or votary of Bacchus; bacchanal.  2. a drunken reveler.

adjective  3. inclined to revelry.

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thyrsi – plural  for thrysus:

1. Botany . a thyrse.

2. Greek Antiquity . a staff tipped with a pine cone and sometimes twined with ivy and vine branches,
borne by Dionysus and his votaries.

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1. one of the thin, narrow, shaped pieces of wood that form the sides of a cask, tub, or similar vessel.
2. a stick, rod, pole, or the like.
3. a rung of a ladder, chair, etc.
4. Prosody .

a. a verse or stanza of a poem or song.
b. the alliterating sound in a line of verse, as the w- sound in wind in the willows.

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Image is a segment of painting by Giordano, Baccus mit seinem Gefolge der Faunen und Satyren


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  1. KW

     /  03/23/2013

    I’ve read the word stave used in Charles Dickens books used in place of the word “chapter” headings so I guess that’s another meaning. Under prosody?

    • Hmmm…tricky.
      I had decided to STAVE the definitions of because there were so many-14! I’d guess Dickens and I used definition 9. In number 5 the dictionary referenced to 9 so we can deduct “to break” can be used for a less destructive break than smashing a cask or a boat hull! Also doesn’t a music staff signals the beginning or maybe the next section of music? So then, stave could signal new chapter.

      5. Music. staff1 ( def 9 )
      Verb (used with an object)
      6. to break in a stave or staves of (a cask or barrel) so as to release the wine, or other contents. 7. to release (wine, liquor, etc.) by breaking the cask or barrel. 8. to break or crush (something) inward (often followed by in ). 9. to break (a hole) in, especially in the hull of a boat. 10. to break to pieces; splinter; smash.
      Verb (used without without an object)
      13. to become staved in, as a boat; break in or up. 14. to move along rapidly.
      I clicked on “staff”, in defintion 5, and was sent to Staff’s 17 definitions. I learned stave can be the plural of staff in some instances.
      Staff definition here http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/staff Just in case we aren’t already confused! Words are amazing things!

  2. zenith エリート


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