What Genres Unlock the Kindle Million Club Door?

What Genres Sell a Million eBooks for Authors?

Curious about the genres of the pioneer Kindle Million Authors, I did some research. Keep in mind that genre classification will vary with source. I used the genre the author identified when available. Some authors write in more than one genre.

7  of 11 Kindle Million Members write in
Thriller/Mystery/Crime Fiction*:

Janet Evanovich: Crime/Mystery
John Locke: Thriller (and also a Western series)

Michael Connelly: Crime/Thriller
Lee Child: Thriller
James Patterson: Thriller
Stieg Larsson: Thriller
Nora Roberts as J.D. Robb: Futuristic Crime Mystery*

Fantasy: 3

George RR Martin: Epic Fantasy
Suzanne Collins: Fantasy

Charlaine Harris: Urban Fantasy

Other Genres 3

Kathryn Stockett: General Fiction
Nora Roberts: Romance
John Locke: Western (and also a Thriller series)

*Note about JD Robb/Nora Roberts. I’m pretty sure that, although her JD Robb series are very popular, alone J.D. Robb books would not have put Nora Roberts in the Kindle Million Club this early in the game, where as the Romance books alone would have probably joined the club by now.

This post is a partial reprinted from Author #11 Joins Kindle Million Club: George R.R. Martin because the information about genres  was lost in the announcement of member #11)]

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