Kindle Store Can’t be Searched by Cost.

Searching Kindle eBooks by Price:

Lessons in Futility

My random experiences with searching The Kindle Store for eBooks by price, including $0.00, can be summarized with F-Words, frustrating, fruitless, fiasco, futile, folly…

I decided to see if I could figure out how to find eBooks by price in the Kindle Store. I chose $2.99. When I gave up the above word list still applied but prefaced with another f-word with ing added.  “Inconceivable!” as Vizzini* would say.

Note: This research was done on my PC, not the Kindle.

My Search Phrases & Results:

“$2.99 books” yielded 138 books. Of the first 75 books listed only 5 cost $2.9941 ebooks were priced at 99¢, 13 at $1.99, 7 at $4.95, and 7 at other prices—as high as $12.95.

“$2.99 Kindle Books” yielded the same results as “$2.99 books.” Although these two searches did not result in the information sought, they offered the only consistency I found in this quest.

“books priced $2.99” yielded 0 but asked if I meant “books price $2.99” so I tried it.

“books price $2.99” yielded 1 book but at least it cost $2.99, ironically Titled: How to Price eBooks for the Kindle.

“buy $2.99” which is how the price is worded in each book entry, also yielded only 1 book but it cost $2.75, and was titled: Twitter Wonderful Tactics.

“books for $2.99” Yielded 32 results but prices were scattered over a large range and were not even all books.  A designer Kindle cover for $64 was listed.

“kindle ebooks that cost $2.99” This very specific phrase yielded this result:

Your search “kindle ebooks that cost $2.99” did not match any products.

I made one last desperate attempt.

“all ebooks” with sort by price low to high.  This yielded 11,616, with 12 entries to a page and NO option to increase amount per page, NOR an option to skip ahead pages. The first 14+pages, eBook number 1-170 were priced $0.00, eBook 171 was $.99 but price skipped around a bit until stabilizing at $.99 around 18 pages in. At page 60—yes 60 pages tediously brought up one click each—the eBooks were still $.99. I gave up on reaching $2.99 on that day. I safely rule this method out as a way to buy eBooks by price—except for $0.00 eBooks.

In Summary:  Amazon 8 — Karen 0-zippola.

You won Amazon, I will cease and desist trying to shop by price.

I did send feedback to customer service about the poor navigation options within a search and the impossibility of searching by price.  I’ll post their answer to my very negative feedback.

* Vizzini is a character in The Princess Bride by S. Morganstern

Top Ten Most Expensive Fiction eBooks in Kindle Store

10 Most Expensive Fiction eBooks in Kindle Store

What a shock!  No, I did not put the decimals in the wrong position!

I could not find an explanation for the price of these books. Their publishing date, rank, number of pages or file size did not correlate to their price. The ebooks were actually discounted, 23% on average not including the outlier of 47% discount on the most expensive ebook!

  • The Kindle publishing date ranged from 2002 to 2009.
  • Three of the ten listed a “Paid in Kindle Store” rank –  590,821 – 608,406 and 617,912.  Somebody has actually bought these ebooks!
  • The number of pages ranged from 304 to 1842. Six of the ebooks were between 400-499 pages.
  • The File Size ranged between 441KB to 27,490KB.

 These books were all listed as Fiction (although the titles don’t sound like fiction to me.)  The list appears out sequence by price, I suspect Amazon’s list order reflects the undiscounted price.  FYI The Most Expensive Non-Fiction book sells for $6,431.20 but that’s another list.

The List:

1. Oil Economists Hand Book: Statistics, 5th Edition, Volume 1 (Vol 1) by JENKINS. GILBERT -Kindle eBook $384.00

2. Practitioner’s Handbook on International Commercial Arbitration by Frank-Bernd Weigand – Kindle eBook $452.79

3. Tobias Smollett by LIONEL KELLY (Kindle Edition – Mar. 23, 2007) – Kindle eBook $320.00

4. Rant on the Court Martial and Service Law by HHJ Jeff Blackett – Kindle eBook $303.75

5. Wilkie Collins by Norman (Ed.) Page  – Kindle eBook  $312.00

6. James Fenimore Cooper: The Critical Heritage by OHN P.WILLIAMS – Kindle eBook $288.00

7. George Orwell: The Critical Heritage by JEFFREY MEYERS – Kindle eBook $320.00

8. Laurence Sterne: The Critical Heritage by ALAN B. HOWES  – Kindle eBook $288.00

9. Edgar Allen Poe by IAN WALKER  – Kindle eBook $288.00

10. W. Somerset Maugham by OHN WHITEHEAD – Kindle eBook $288.00

Top Ten Tuesday: 99¢ Kindle eBook Titles that Intrigued

The Kindle Store has Over 2K eBooks for 99¢.

I scanned and listed some of the 99¢ Titles that did their job well–they grabbed my attention.  However, all but one  failed at the next step–I did not buy the book. I did buy The Colors of Space because Marion Zimmer Bradley also wrote the excellent Mists of Avalon.

My Top Ten List of 99¢ Kindle Titles that intrigued made me wonder, roll my eyes, chuckle or say what the…?

 Title  Author Date Published
Paid Kindle Rank


The Colors of Space

Marion Zimmer Bradley 6/15/2010(1983)



Seven Keys to Baldpate

Earl Derr Biggers 1/24/2011



The War Donkey-A Strange Short Story of Irony

Ryan Matthew Smoot ?



Life, Death, and Everything in Between

John Luciew 3/11/2011



Tales of Wish Fairies

Laureen Jones 4/30/2011



The Doctor is in, in IN

K. Lyn 1/17/2011



The Tilted Nowhere

Chris Tate ?



Fruitbaskets from Hell

Jason Krumbine 4/1/2008



A Hoe is a Garden Tool

Jada K.Temple 5/5/2011


Fear and Laundry

Elizabeth Myles 2/21/2011


Are eBooks Killing Books?

The Sky is Falling and eBooks will be the End of Printed Books, Bookstores, & Kids who Read

has become a popular theme in blog posts these days. Many of these posts are based on emotions, fear of change, and nostalgia with very few actual facts and current data.  (The eBook market is changing so fast any fact over two month old is probably grossly outdated.) 

This example is an excerpt of a comment made to a post from The Passive Voice.

“Books will be next, and so is the very definition of what a “book” even is. It will be dissolved into the flattened-graph diffusion of a global population shuffling digital snippets of increasingly valueless code back and forth to one another, especially once we reach the generation who grows up knowing nothing but e-books. The lowest common denominator is about to get a whole lot lower.”                        Full post at:

That is what I meant by emotional!

I loved physical books. When I gave in and bought the Kindle3 Wi-Fi, it was because of eyestrain; you can change font size. I expected a substandard reading experience. Guess what? The Kindle is simply a better reading tool than a book; in fact I don’t want to read the paperbacks in my “to be read” pile. Who knew? (My Kindle’s display is simple solid black type; it isn’t backlit, pixelated, or in color.)

What I learned is the magic of a book is the Story, the Words, not the ink on paper. I still think it will be sad if printed books disappear but then my Grandmother missed horses and radio shows. I do get the sadness of change but nostalgia is one thing, stopping progress is an entirely different thing.  

I’ve never read a stone tablet, hand written scroll/book, and my books were not printed from hand set lineotype like my Grandmother’s were. But I am still a reader. If my future grand-kids never hold a printed book and only read on eReaders, they will still be readers —and they can read  classic books on Kindle for free! Kids who are nurtured with stories will become readers no matter what the stories are read on.

Maybe the alarm ringers can console themselves by being happy for the trees not felled to make paper, and the pollution not spewed by shipping trucks or readers driving to the bookstore.

Besides some books will always be printed! After all, I need to buy my future grand-kids a printed version of “Pat the Bunny.”

Top Ten Tuesdays: Reasons I Love My Kindle


Reasons I Love My Kindle


My Husband Isn’t Whining about books stacked all over the house. My To-Be-Read Pile and my Read Pile is out of sight.


I Don’t Lose my Page when I set my book down.


Packing One Skinny Kindle instead of 3 fat books for a vacation. And if it turns out I should’ve packed 4…I’ll just click BUY for another one!


My Hand Doesn’t Cramp from holding books up and open in one hand.


eBooks Cost Less…well ebooks from smart publishers, that is. I boycott books that are priced the same as the printed book and wait to get them from my book swap club. (I confess, except in weak moments for books I desperately want.)


New Releases Can Be Purchased at 12:01, the Day they are released! No waiting for the bookstore to open or the UPS delivery. And they can’t sell out!


I Always Have Something to Read. And I can Buy the next book anywhere, any time–even right after I read THE END. (Which is followed by the next book and BUY now.)  Moments after a harrowing cliff hanger, I bought the next book IN BED at 11pm. Sublime indulgence!


Free Excerpts. No more buying a book only to discover it’s a new cover on an old book that I already read! When you read as much as I do this happens—too often. No need to choose a book by the cover. After reading a chapter or three the Author has either hooked you and you hit BUY, or not hit DELETE SAMPLE.


The Font Size Button. I was starting to suffer eyestrain from paperbacks small fonts sizes–falling asleep after a several pages. I use the 4th size for my normal reading. The 6th size when I’m moving on the elliptical.

 I can publish my novel when it’s ready. I don’t have to wait for  years at the mercy of agents and publishers.Now I just need to get off the social media and get writing!