Looked That Up 2/9/2013

Looked that up

Hounded, HearnesMore words from:
Hounded, by Kevin Hearne.
Book 1 of The Iron Druid Chronicles

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Woad: More than a good Scrabble world?

Woadwoad: noun

1. a European plant, Isatis tinctoria, of the mustard family, formerly cultivated for a blue dye extracted from its leaves.
2. the dye extracted from this plant.

The ancient Britons painted their faces with woad.
(Think Mel Gibson in Brave Heart.)

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Esurient: Not electronic-consoling?

Georg Emanuel Opitz Der Völleresurient: adjective

hungry; greedy.

The buffet table was attacked by esurient diners.

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Javelina: Not sporting equipment used in track?


a collared peccary; piglike hoofed mammal of the Americas.

A javelina rooted for food in the Arizona scrublands.

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Images from Wikkimeda Commons.



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  1. KW

     /  02/09/2013

    You should have been a lexicographer-one who writes, edits or compiles a dictionary.


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