Saturday… Just Saying 7/21/2012

Janet Evanovich, 1943-

 Janet Evanovich is an American writer best known for her “numbered” contemporary mysteries featuring bounty hunter Stephanie Plum, beginning with One for the Money through upcoming Notorious Nineteen. She also wrote contemporary romance as Steffie Hall.

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  1. kmw

     /  07/21/2012

    I feel like if you’ve read one of her books, you’ve read them all. The 2 1/2 I read were enough for me.

  2. They are definitely very “lite” reading. They were always released in time for summer vacation when I needed something that wouldn’t require immersion or a lot of concentration.

    When they got too redundant even for vacation reading I read them anyway because I got enchanted by Ranger and the “Morelli or Ranger” question. Ranger is the only character that has had arc of growth through the books and he becomes an intriguing character totally at odds with the thug he started at.

    I quit reading them about three books ago because even Ranger pages couldn’t carry the rest anymore. Edited to the part I want to read would make a two page book!


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