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Richard Peck,1934-

Peck is an American author of young adult novels. Award winning novels include, A Year Down Yonder, Dreamland Lake, and Are You in the House Alone.

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  1. Nancy

     /  04/21/2012

    Maybe also a snoopy sister? Just curious – How do you choose people’s names (especially last names) when writing? I’ve wondered before if authors make them up because they are so different/strange. John Grisham used my last name in a book I’m reading. It’s not the most common of names. And I’m not talking about my former married name of Smith.

    • I think the best answer is authors use the same methods people use to choose the names of their kids. I’ve read/heard a few author interviews that asked that and answers vary. Some use name generators online. You can even set them for how common you want the name (first, last or both). Some authors just make them up. The internet makes everything easier and harder since there are more options.

      I usually use a last name I’ve heard before or look up last names for the nationality or ethnic background of my character. I scan through them until one “sings” to me. Same way I chose first names, although I spend much more time picking a first name. For minor characters it’s often the first name that pops into my head.

      Thanks for commenting.


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