A Sad Blog Reduction

I’ve had to make a sad decision about this blog.

I will only post once a week, 
the  Saturday… Just Saying post.

The blog has been a labor of love but it’s also taken a huge investment of time and a gigantic chunk of “Me.”
I have a small following of some very cool people but,

After seven months I do not have the traffic or engagement needed to stoke the blog fire.

In light of this, the blog does not make sense and I need to be dedicating as much time as possible to my novel writing.
I really enjoy the  sayings and making the art for Saturday Just Saying so I’ll continue it.

Here are some statistics for this blog:

This Blog has had

103 Posts.

2,653 Visits



1,080 Spam Comments!  (caught and removed by Askmet)

Most Visited Posts

with Links to posts.  (not including 702 Home Page visits)

Letters Wear Off of Kindle Keyboard (117 visits)

Thawing Kindle Freeze (116 visits) 

Top Ten Kindle Jokes (93 visits)

Thank you.

I hope you continue to enjoy the Saturday… Just Saying posts.

I really appreciate my followers, especially family and friends who would normally never read a blog or do not share my enthusiasm for the subject mater.


Karen LeRosier

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  1. Nancy

     /  12/14/2011

    😦 Sorry it’s not going better.

    • Don’t be sorry. You’ve been a major commenter and I appreciate it. 95% of blogs fail in the first MONTH! Blogs are niche things and there are so many out there.
      I don’t think mine is a failure it’s just real light weight. I’m still proud of what I have achieved–especially for such a low tech middle aged broad with a steep learning curve!
      I loved it. Maybe in the future I’ll bring it back to the front burner and try again or maybe move on to a new topic. Who knows. For now once a week is enough.


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