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Somerset Maugham 1874 –1965

Maugham was an English novelist and short story writer.
His novels include Of Human Bondage, The Moon and Sixpence, and The Razor’s Edge.

Of Human Bondage and The Moon and the Sixpence are free in the Kindle Store

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Photograph from Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. MaryD

     /  12/10/2011

    I love this quote! I often wonder that if many of what are considered the world’s greatest writers would have had a chance at having their novels published if they’d had to try to pass through today’s editors’ desks.

    Karen, I would love to see you take a page from some of the classics, such as Ernest Hemingway, Jane Austen, or Kurt Vonnegut, and mark up a page of their finished works with a red pen, the way one of today’s publishing house editors would. Some of the very best simply thumbed their noses at conventional writing wisdom. I truly feel that if you follow these plain vanilla “experts” too closely, you take out much of what makes your writing unique and special, and are left with writing “just like everyone else’s.” Yet another thing that big business stymies!


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