My NaNoWriMo Report!

I’m really glad I entered the NANoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) Challenge.

I did not aim for the official goal of writing a 50K novel, I set my own goals.

I hit the brainstorming and organizational goals I set for myself early on. Then I wrote more than I hoped for. I definitely got myself back into the writing habit.

The need to write about 1,700 words a day to win results in the major benefit of participating in NaNoWriMo–the establishment of a daily writing habit. The discipline to write daily, whether you’re in the mood or not, is key to finishing a novel of any size.

Although I did not write the 1,700 words a day needed to reach 50K words, I did spend 1-3 hours writing almost everyday, some days much more. I didn’t write on Thanksgiving day but I wrote for an hour and a half on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, between housecleaning and preparing for the holiday celebration at my house (a solution to a flaw in a scene came to me and I wanted to get it down before I lost it.)

12:01 am Thursday, December 1, 2011

Karen LeRosier NaNoWriMo report.

16  Thousand + Words!

Clap Clap Clap! Yeah!

16,231 to be exact.

I haven’t read a book since October! That’s rare.

* Sheltered Disclosures had  20,482 words as of 12/5/11!

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  1. KMW

     /  12/06/2011

    you go, girl!

  2. Tim

     /  12/06/2011

    Wonderful writing goals accomplished. Kay and I are very happy for you.

  3. Nancy

     /  12/07/2011


  4. Thanks.
    BTW I updated my work in progress page to cover this book. It includes excerpts, most the first chapter. I’ve been having panic attacks and wanting to apologize for it.
    I feel so…exposed…

  5. Maryd

     /  12/09/2011

    You go, girl!

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