Ten Novels of Thanksgiving

Psychology Today provided this list of Thanksgiving Novels. This might seem like a strange source until you consider that whenever extended family members are invited together for a holiday meal, a bounty of emotions join in like uninvited guests. That and the fact that most families are more than a little…well crazy! Novel are not in top ten order.

Ten Novels of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Night, Richard Bausch

Bausch describes the novel as “a love comedy with sorrows.”  The book centers around two elderly aunts that the family calls “The Crazies” and the dramas of assorted family members.


The Ghost at the Table, by Suzanne Berne

A story of the Thanksgiving reunion of estranged and dysfunctional family.


Bitter Harvest, Susan Bowden

A suspenseful novel of another reunion of estranged family members but this one has family members of danger.


A Secret Affair by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Romance grows from American strangers in Venice who decide to celebrate Thanksgiving together.


The Thanksgiving Visitor, Truman Capote

This tale based on Capote’s youth is not available on Kindle or I would order it. I’ll have to settle for the TV adaptation on YouTube in several parts. The short story is a sequel to “A Christmas Memory”  which I’ve read and loved. (I also loved  the TV adaptation with the funny fruitcake production.)


Courting Disaster, Julie Edelson

A funny and sad southern Thanksgiving novel that actually has a Psychiatrist in attendance at the holiday meal. Sounds efficient. Not available on Kindle.


The Lay of the Land  Richard Ford

This novels chronicles a Thanksgiving with Frank Bascombe the popular character from Ford’s Independence Day and The Sportswriter.


Dear James, Jon Hassler

A moving novel about friendship and an elderly woman celebrating Thanksgiving with friends. Not available on Kindle.

Model Behavior, Jay McInerney

This novel is about a Thanksgiving dinner in a classy restaurant with glamorous people who are not the happy (or classy) people they seem to be on the surface. The story is a drama although the holiday meal scene is supposed to be hilarious.


The Harrowing, Alexandra Sokoloff

This novels is a scary ghost story about college students spending Thanksgiving on campus.


Adapted from Psychology today article: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-literary-life/201011/harvest-thanksgiving-novels