About My NaNoWriMo Novel

I finally have a title for my NaNoWriMo novel I’m writing. I also have  a one, and a two sentence, description of the story to share.

Sheltered Disclosures

An Urban Fantasy by Karen LeRosier

One Sentence Description:
Desperate for a job, an unemployed woman’s shelter advocate agrees to council an abused woman despite hairy complications and disclosures.

Two Sentence Description:
A broke, laid-off women’s shelter advocate takes a temp job to privately counsel a viciously abused young woman. The employer’s a werewolf and the client might sprout fur, but the victim needs her and this unnerving disclosure might lead to her niche in life—if she can assimilate a new reality.

As wordy as I am, it’s extremely difficult to compress into one sentence a story that previously took me at least fifteen minutes to describe. But it’s needed for publishing so I did it and

There it is—exposed to public eyes.

If you’ve read my Works in Progress (WIP) page you know how reluctant I’ve been to share details of my writing. I’m not sure what my issue is. Maybe it’s fear of being laughed at or that someone will bring me to earth and tell me you can’t become an author—that’s for other people. After all, my Mom does snicker every time I mention my writing. Or, maybe I’m afraid a real author or an editor will see it and drop the sorry but you have no talent bomb.

Don’t know the answer but I’m sticking my neck out and I will hit the PUBLISH button now…or maybe next week…

Now Karen.

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  1. Nancy

     /  11/19/2011

    Don’t listen to mom’s snickers. I thought the word “hairy” in the short description was a strange choice in words. When I read the longer description it made sense. I’m not into the Urban Fantasy stuff so it’s hard for me to critique you. I did like your geocaching story a lot though. I think that one is ready to polish up & get published. I admire your perserverance. Don’t listen to the naysayers.

    • “hairy” was a last minute addition, it amused me.

      I don’t let Mom’s snickers bug me but I know senility lets her express what many people are just too polite to say. I don’t let them stop me either.
      My biggest critic and anchor around my neck is the voice in my own head.

      Thanks for being encouraging about my writing from day one Cici. I’m gonna reward you by emailing you a link to pics of the uber hot men I chase to be my visual for 2 major characters. (as well as the not-as-fun-to-look-at pic for the female, main character, lol.)


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