Top Ten Comments to: Naked Man on Kindle!

Amazon has a Kindle forum where people can discuss their Kindle with other owners. I occasionally peruse the forum for blog posts ideas and this thread’s heading piqued my curiosity.

My Kindle is so Embarrassing

The actual question was not what I expected and I found it delightfully amusing. Hopefully it will bring laughter to your day too. To read this forum post, comments, and find serious solutions to this (snicker) dilemma  (Link here.)

J.C. wrote:  “I have my Bible on my kindle because it is so much easier to read than a big thick book with small print. I was in church reading it and when I turned it off up pops a naked man wrapped in a snake. Is there some way to get this picture off of my kindle?”

Note: Kindle has several “screensaver” pictures that appear in a random order when unit is turned off.  The “naked man image” is Atlas Coelestis, John Flamsteed’s 1728  illustration of the constellation Ophiuchus.

My Top Ten Comments to J.C.’s Question

MLH says:

Also that is classic art. Not just a “naked man wrapped in a snake”.

DR says:

[JC] not to be judgmental or anything, but I think that the fact that the classical illustration of Ophiuchus embarrasses you is a bit, um, embarrassing. ;o
(Or, perhaps, as someone suggested, you are pulling our leg; it that case, well done! :o)

PB says:

Dang, can’t take a Kindle anywhere without it misbehaving 😉

AGC says:

Shouldn’t your fellow church-goers be looking at their own Bibles, and not at your Kindle?

C. says:

Dang it, I was sipping my coffee when I read that; now I need to change my shirt.

JA says:

I don’t think I have ever seen this one on my kindle. Where is my naked man? Where is my snake? Amazon is cheating me.

EO says:

Seems like an appropriate image for church, anyway. It’s been quite a few years since I read the bible, but I seem to remember one chapter did star a naked guy and a snake…


That image ONLY appears in the presence of Satan.
I would look under the pew. JN says:

Ah, science. Embarrassing Christians for 2000 years. P says:

Naked man has a cloth across his privates. But dang that snake looks big.

To which QL replied:

That’s not the snake 😉

Readers, share your thoughts.

To JC out there in the Kindle forumsphere,
Please forgive my joking at your expense for this post. I hope you found the help you needed out of the handful of serious answers hidden in six pages of teasing.