Amazon does NOT charge More to take ads Off new Kindles!

I’ve been reading comments on blogs and Twitter complaining that it costs money to take ads off new Kindles. It may seem like spitting hairs but Amazon has said all along that they were discounting Kindles that have ads.

My Kindle, now called Kindle Keyboard  (Wi-Fi) cost me $139 in March 2011, before the Special Offers version was available.
Later they came out with a discounted Kindle with Special Offers. The ad free Kindle remained $139 and the add free Kindle Keyboard (Wi-Fi) still costs $139.
(Kindle Keyboard with Special offers premiered at $114 but has been further discounted to $99)

When the new line of Kindles came out, Amazon’s Kindle Store stepped up promotion of Kindles with Special Offers by placing them in the dominant position in the “store”. The Kindle without Special Offers now requires the extra click to view.

The blue and orange boxes in snippet from the Kindle Store shows the Kindle Without Ads has remained the same price. Shoppers can click the blue box see the $139 Kindle.

The distinction might seem like splitting hairs but as a shopper I too would resent being charged to take ads off a new Kindle.

In a 7/16/11 post I explained that the Special Offers are on the image/screensaver that appears when the Kindle is off, as well as a short banner on other operational pages. Ads do not appear in the books or reading materiel.  If I were to buy a new Kindle, I’d get the Special Offers and treat myself to $40 worth of ebooks. Click  link to see images of the special offers on my 7/16/11 post.

What if you buy a Kindle with Special Offers but find it annoying?

The good news is you can go to Amazon Kindle Store and click Manage Your Kindle and remove the ads permanently.  The bad news is Amazon will charge you the amount they discounted you for allowing Special Offers.

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  1. Sorry for the late post. WordPress has been acting up, It is taking info keyed in intermittently. When I scheduled this post the time did not register and I did not notice. I was thrilled the date stuck.
    This has been driving me crazy for weeks.
    If I type the above sentence it will show up something like:
    If te as been ivg zy f eeks. or the less obvious
    If I type the a sentence it will show up some like his. I have to check and fix and sometimes hit a key 20-80 times before it registers. You can see the problem that “a” “some” and “his” are words, but not the word intended, They won’t get noticed by spell check.
    WordPress blames it on cookies. I clear them, a few hours later we’re back to the above. GRRRRR!


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