Where is Monday’s normal post?

Just in case you missed the post or forgot, Monday’s, What are You Reading Today post will be featured bi-weekly on Tuesdays alternating with Top Ten List.  I’ve been stressed, not reading, or working on my novels in progress so I had to simplify my life. Eliminating one post a week is one step to achieve this.  😦  I love creating posts but I have to tend to my life too.

The posts might look brief and simple but each post takes me several hours. I go that extra mile on each one. I research facts about every topic, book, and author mentioned, create links to books, authors, and sources. I create my own artwork. When I use images from others, whole or in part, I research the licensing to be sure I can legally and ethically use the work and, if so, how they must be cited.  Most bloggers use generic images and a small percentage out and out plagiarize* whatever they want.

I’m so incorrigible!

This was to be a post free day and here I am, worse as I’m writing I’m even deciding what artwork to make for it!. I can not help it! I can’t post without a picture of some kind. (At least I kept the art simple today.)

*I’ve found three of my created images on other people blogs without so much as a link or source noted. Twice I’ve found a whole post of mine pasted word for word into someone else’s blog as if they wrote it-and those are just the ones I happen to stumble upon. That makes me so angry and eats at me but I can’t really do anything about it. 😦