Top Ten Kindle Titles that Grabbed Attention

How do you choose your next book to read?

Do you cruise lists of books looking for titles that catch your eye?
Do you ever buy based on title alone?
What about a title might make you buy the book?

As mentioned in many posts, Kindle Store is hard to search by criteria. They do have several lists like the one I used to create this list. The lists are hard to locate in Kindle Store. I searched “Best Kindle Books so far” which yielded this heading:

The Best Kindle Books of 2011… So Far Looking for a great read? Check out our favorite new books in fiction, nonfiction, biography and memoir, business books, mysteries and thrillers, romance, science fiction, and more

Click a category and you’ll get a menu of lists to choose from. I clicked more. If there is a better way to search I couldn’t find it. So on with my list: (Listed in order of likelihood I’d ever buy it base on title alone.)

If you decide to read any of these please share your thoughts.

Top Ten Titles that Grabbed My Attention

from the list: 100 Kindle Books for$3.99 or less- Hand-Selected by our Editors

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