New Kindle Options Now Available

Wow I’ve had my Kindle six months and it’s already an older model!

Of 6 Kindles there’s sure to be one perfect for your needs and budget.

Read more about them at the Kindle store. (Click)

I like the $79 Kindle which was made smaller and 30% lighter by eliminating the keyboard. Navigation is on screen with the 5-way controller button.  I prefer to do my book ordering on my PC and send it to my Kindle via Whispernet anyway.  I don’t need color since 99% of my Kindle use is for novels and e-ink is better for reading black type. I don’t like touch screens and I don’t use my Kindle for internet browsing or reading. This basic Kindle would be perfect for me but I’ll stick with my Kindle, now called Keyboard Kindle since it serves me well.

The Kindles without ads/”special offers” cost $30 -$50 more.  The ads are unobtrusive and are not on the book pages.

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  1. Nancy

     /  10/05/2011

    That’s technology. As soon as you buy something; a better, newer version comes out. We always wait until stuff gets cheaper & by then it’s really old technology.

  2. I cant complain too much, my Kindle originally cost $139. The 2007 Kindle cost $399, 2009 Kindle 2 cost 359.They are both pretty clunky compared to mine. Mine is still very similar operational wise to the new one.


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