What are You Reading Today?

I’m Still Reading:  The Hour of Dust and Ashes, Kelly Gay

No reflection on Ms. Gay’s excellent writing.  I’ve been down from my 2-3 book a week average since starting the blog but not finishing a book in well over a week…Yikes. It was a stressful busy week, and I published 5 blog posts last week. Bedtime was the only time I found to read and I kept falling asleep after a few pages. I had to go to my sisters twice in a row for “other readers.”

A Sister is Reading: Snowflower and the Secret Fan, by Lisa See

A 2005 novel, general fiction with Chinese Fiction sub-genre.

Another Sister is Reading: The Last Time I was Me, by Cathy Lamb.

A 2008 novel also General Fiction.

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  1. KMW

     /  09/26/2011

    Last week I was on a trip to Iowa so on the long, corn-filled trip,
    I listened to Rollback on CD’s by Robert Sawyer. It’s a syfy
    set in the 2040’s about rejuvination where one can be made yyoung again.

    • Sounds like an interesting premise.
      I can’t listen to books on tape and drive; the driving is too distracting for me.

  2. Nancy Umstead

     /  09/26/2011

    Hmm… Which sisters did you go to? Mardy for the 1st one & Linda on the 2nd? I’m reading Come and Find Me by Hallie Ephron. I’m not sure where I got this book. It’s hardback & is missing it’s jacket with the synopsis. By the name it sounds like a mystery & I guess it is. It’s about a woman who is has panic attacks & hardly ever leaves her house. She spends her time on her computer in a virtual reality OtherWorld. Anyhow, her sister ends up missing & she is trying to find her. I’m more than 1/2 way through & I’m having trouble getting into this virtual reality thing. I’m hoping it gets better.

  3. Writing certainly does consume some free time!
    I am listening on CD to Cry, My beloved Country.
    Started a new fiction last week on my Kindle, Hearts for Horses by Molly Gloss. Still reading non fiction Light and Glory- lots to digest there.
    Constant reading professional journals for current information to share with patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

    • I’m glad you are still able to squeeze a little fiction into your serious reading stuff.
      I’m grateful for people like you who are devoted to helping women with breast cancer. Nancy, the commenter above you, did the 3 day 60 mile Breast Cancer Walk last fall in Florida and I was there to cheer her alone. Breast Cancer touched both of our lives recently.


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