Author #11 Joins Kindle Million Club: George R.R. Martin

George R.R. Martin , author of A Song of Ice and Fire series, has sold the over
1 million Kindle eBooks needed to earn his place in the Kindle Million Club,  according to a 9/19 Amazon Press Release. His latest release
A Dance with Dragons debuted as #2 on the Kindle Best Sellers List.

He is the eleventh author to be inducted into the club with Janet Evanovich, Kathryn Stockett, John Locke, Michael Connelly, Suzanne Collins, Lee Child, Charlaine Harris, Nora Roberts, James Patterson, and Stieg Larsson.

What Genres are Selling a Million Kindle eBooks?

Curious about the genres of these pioneer Kindle Million Authors, I did some research. Keep in mind that genre classification will vary with source. I used the genre the author uses when available.

8  of 11 Kindle Million Members write in
Thriller/Mystery/Crime Fiction*:

Janet Evanovich: Crime/Mystery
John Locke: Thriller (and also a Western series)

Michael Connelly: Crime/Thriller
Kathryn Stockett: General Fiction
Lee Child: Thriller
James Patterson: Thriller
Stieg Larsson: Thriller
Nora Roberts as J.D. Robb: Futuristic Crime Mystery*

Fantasy: 3

George RR Martin: Epic Fantasy
Suzanne Collins: Fantasy
Charlaine Harris: Urban Fantasy

Other Genres 2

Nora Roberts: Romance
John Locke: Western (and also a Thriller series)

*Note about JD Robb/Nora Roberts. I’m pretty sure that, although her JD Robb series are very popular, alone J.D. Robb books would not have put Nora Roberts in the Kindle Million Club this early in the game, where as the Romance books alone would have probably joined the club by now.

9/19 Amazon press Release:

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  1. Bobbie

     /  09/22/2011

    I can hardly wait for the day I hear that
    klerosier has been added to the millionaire
    list!!!!!!! I have no doubts that will be the case.

  1. What’s on my reading list this week? J.R. Lindermuth’s Fallen From Grace « …At Your Fingertips

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