Top Ten Mystery/Thriller Authors

Most of the Authors on my list are still cranking out bestsellers although I haven’t read much of the Mystery/Thriller genre in the past few years. My Mystery /Thriller reading faded away when I discovered Paranormal Romance, which evolved into Urban Fantasy.)  I tend toward Genre Phases rather than reading from multiple genres within a given time period. The advantage is it allows a pool of unread books from favorite author’s to build up while I ‘m gone.


J. D. Robb:

(pen name for Nora Roberts) I’ve enjoyed many of her Eve Dallas novels about a futuristic cop. Regretfully this series is one of the very few series I’ve read out of order. I couldn’t remember which ones I’ve read. After buying a few “new” Eve Dallas books only to realize they were books I’d already read old with a new cover, I gave the series up—I resent this practice. (Read about 2-3 books a week for a few decades—you’ll lose track of the books too.)


J. A. Jance:

Of her four series, I prefer the Joana Brady Series. Brady is a widowed mother turned Sheriff of an Arizona rancher community.


Faye Kellerman:

Her Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus novels are excellent and offer interesting insight into Orthodox Jewish traditions and lifestyle. I value novels that can educate as well as entertain.


Jonathon Kellerman

His main character Alex Delaware is a child psychologist who consults as a court expert witness. He gets drawn into helping to solve crimes by his clients, LAPD, and sometimes at gun point. My favorite character is Milo the slouchy LAPD detective friend and sidekick to Alex.

(He’s married to Faye and their son Jesse writes good psychological suspense as well.)


Carla Neggers:

Her mysteries are usually set in, or have ties to, New England. I like that her books introduce fresh characters but are interwoven with overlapping histories and circumstances to earlier characters. Her mysteries lean toward romance and often feature hunky Navy seal or ranger type heroes.


Lisa Scottoline:

I have a fondness for the Scottoline books that feature the women of law firm Rosato and Associates—all feisty, intelligent, assertive woman  who aren’t always so smart or strong in their personal lives.


Iris Johansen:

I especially prefer her books that feature Eve Duncan, a forensic sculptor who reconstructs human skulls to identify human remains, but I recommend all her books.


Janet Evanovich:

The latest paperback Stephanie Plum novel is a standard for my vacation reading.  A perfect choice for light and funny reading even if they are rather weak in the Mystery/Thriller department. Ranger or Morelli: Ranger! (Fans will know what I mean).


Tony Hillerman

I faithfully read every Navajo Tribal Police mystery with Jim Chee and Joe Leaphorn. Hillerman incorporated his knowledge of Navajo customs and history into the unique geography of New Mexico. Sadly, Hillerman passed away in 2008, Hágoónee’. (Navajo for Good-bye)


Carl Hiaasen

His adult books introduce murder and mayhem in Florida Everglades and Keys and creates hysterically offbeat characters to either commit crimes or unravel the mystery. He gave me my fascination with Key West.  Hiaasen’s minor but reoccurring character Skink, the loony recluse and former Florida governor who lurks in the everglades wearing a flowered shower cap, has my vote for most intriguing Hiaasen character.

Who are your favorite Mystery/Thriller Authors?

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  1. Bobbie

     /  09/21/2011

    Would rather read about someone who is
    dead and gone. Every once in a while about someone still living. There is enough mystery
    for me in life.

  2. I understand. That’s my attraction to fantasy fiction, there is enough crime and murder in the news.

  1. What’s on my reading list this week? J.R. Lindermuth’s Fallen From Grace « …At Your Fingertips

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