My New Muse Catcher

I identify myself as an aspiring writer and avid reader. Reading as much as I do, I know when a book is well done.  Books resonate for me, sometimes in a pleasing way, sometimes not. I can’t always articulate why a book, scene, or chapter  works (or doesn’t)  but I know.

Writing as an avid reader has mixed attributes. The bar is set really high. I can read a chapter that begins to rings true  but as I reread it I start to pick up vague undertones that begin to echo until the chapter sounds dissonant, awful. Doubt takes over; I get depressed and can’t summon the confidence to write that day, week, sometimes months.

Today,  I found my new muse catcher. Whenever I feel like I can’t write I will replay this video from Ira Glass (found on on Vimeo.)

Click for Ira Glass Video on Vimeo

I found this clip through a convoluted  path that began with a 8/22 tweet by @ elizabethscraig 2 different career arcs for writers: the Genius and the Late Bloomer. That tweet took me to  Writer Unboxed  and a 8/19 post titled If you’re discouraged because your writing sucks which made reference to  The Write Practice . I visited the blog and found a  Aug 19 post with Ira Glass vimeo clip.

Thanks to Elizabeth S Craig I discovered two blogs on writing to explore and my new muse catcher! (Explains yet another reason why so much time flies without working on my WIP !)

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