Letters Wear off Kindle Keyboard

I got hooked on a Kindle word game but noticed the letters were wearing off my Kindle keyboard.  I stopped playing but  too late to save the letter S & E.

Kindle Keyboard Letters are bit Pale & Hard to Read–That’s Okay.
Letters Worn and Missing–Not Okay. 

I researched this problem on Amazon’s Kindle forums and found several threads related to this issue.  Those who contacted Amazon Service reported that they were told this issue was rarely reported* and they were usually given one of two solutions to fix the issue.

  1. Some people claimed Amazon sent a new Kindle. (Of those who got replacements some said the letters did not wear off the new Kindle but some said the letters did wear off the new one.) Important to Note: If your Kindle is over 2 months old, any replacement will be a refurbished Kindle. That may, or may not be, an issue for Kindle owners, but personally I do have issue with this.
  2. The second reported solution Amazon offered was to send (or give credit for) a Nokey DeCal Skin. Many “worn key Kindle” owners who did not contact service also recommended the Nokey skin. The skins are actually decals/stickers with the letters printed on the skin. They won’t leave residue on the kindle and can be easily removed. The Nokey DeCal Skins are sold in the Kindle Store and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Some are so busy they might make letter visibility even worse, others enhance the letters. Even without worn letters, a Nokey will protect the Kindle screen from scratches.

To fix letters be sure the skin is a Nokey. Example 3 below is not a Nokey and has holes for the keys so won’t fix the letters; it will protect the screen and is decorative.  (The letters on Example #1 were sharp at full size.)

Example #1 Nokey-98  & #2 Nokey-3 are $11.99 from Nokey Invisible Defenders and average 5 stars in reviews.
Example #3  Above the clouds,  from DecalGirl is $19.00.
All three skins (and many more) are available at the Kindle Store.

Note: These skins protect from scratches but not falls and should be used in conjunction with a hard case/cover.

Even with this issue, I still recommend a Kindle Reader, only a small % have worn letter problems.
Amazon offers Kindle replacements for even minor problems that are not technically protected by the warranty!

*I spoke to an Amazon service person about another issue and they explained with millions of Kindles sold a problem might not be statistically significant even though there are several threads about it on discussion boards.  They still take all issues seriously and offered me a refurbished Kindle. They keep a record of all reported problems; if a problem becomes statistically significant they will address it further and have more information available to service call staff.  (I called about a sluggish power switch-a future blog.)