Have a Great Labor Day

What are you Reading Today?

will not be posted today due to the holiday.

I’m spending the long weekend camping with my family.

How are you celebrating Labor Day?

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  1. KMW

     /  09/05/2011

    BBQ’s with family one day and friends on another. Loving this weather!

  2. Nancy Umstead

     /  09/05/2011

    Matt & Amanda drove down for the weekend. Hanging out & Rummikub Saturday, beach Sunday, Airborne Museum today. They leave tomorrow.

  3. Bobbie

     /  09/05/2011

    Weel, yesterday Bec and Rayann went to Brookfield Zoo for the day, Luis spent time with friends, I was dog and kitten sitting with our foster animals. Today Butterscotch and I walked around for a couple of hours-lost track of time due to beautiful weather and I felt alive for the first time in awhile. Rayann and Bec are hanging out with friends now and Luis will be leaving soon for a spaghetti dinner for varsity
    soccer team, then 2 hours of practice, and then senior sleep over.

  4. Hope you all had a a fun day. I’m creating a post about the weather extremes we camped in for Wednesday.


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