Saturday…Just Saying

Photos from wikimedia commons. 

H.G.Wells 1864-1946

“Alas, I’m too busy butchering my own draft to bother someone else’s draft.”
-Karen LeRosier

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  1. Bobbie

     /  09/04/2011

    Reading Mr. Wells comment reminds me that we each have our own opinion of what is important to us and what we are passionate about. This sounds like an interesting man to talk with and get to know. Yes I know he is
    passed, just saying.

  2. MaryD

     /  09/07/2011

    I think I saw this framed on the wall of some high school English teacher… or perhaps on the wall of a publisher… 🙂

    If everyone would just drink their own drafts instead of editing that of others, the world would be a better place (until the hangover sets in, anyhow).

    • Hangovers will happen only if the draftis intoxicatingly good. (Isn’t that a word? spell check doesn’t like it.)


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