Homemade Kindle Covers

After splurging to purchase my Kindle, I did not want to invest $30+  for a cover/case. I’d rather spend the money on eBooks.

I did a bit of research and found instructions for a homespun sewn cover at chicoandjo.com  that is also a hands free stand but I don’t sew if I can help it and the covers seemed a little cutesy. I adapted the instructions and used stuff I already had laying around, faux suede left over from upholstering, glue, no-sew Velcro, and stiff plastic covered cardboard cut from a 3-ring binder. I spread glue lightly on the pieces of cardboard  and wrapped the suede. I did have to hand sew the sides of the pocket and between two panels  section to keep it in place. The Velcro soon fell off and rather than resort to sewing it on, I replaced it with an elastic band. The resulting cover was a bit on the heavier side but I love to use it hands free at the table, the pages can be turned while in the short pocket and it wasn’t a hardship to lift it out to occasionally switch books or use the keyboard. The cover is stiff enough that I don’t worry when the cats leap onto the cover when on my nightstand.

The cover didn’t fit well in a purse so I came up with this sleeker design. I found faux leather datebook (out-of-date so only 70¢.) I used a cutter to slit the seam between the glued inside front and back covers to remove the bound pages. I used more faux suede and glued a square the size of the open cover to the inside. Two elastic bands attach the Kindle to the cover. I’ve since come up with better looking ways to attach the elastic but hey I this was a first prototype. This Kindle Cover is light weight and rather attractive if you don’t look at the knots on the back and slid easily into my purse.

One more issue came to light, neither covers enclosed the sides from rain and purse  debris. I found a cheap solution in a heavy clear plastic ziplock pencil bag. The Kindle fit even in the red cover.  Without a cover I could actually still read and operate the Kindle in the hot tub 🙂  The only issue I had with this cover is the darn cats chewed the corner up, luckily the Kindle was not in the bag at the time.  Now I have to find and buy a new one.

I use both covers depending on the situation.

Ideas from Others:

How to convert a book into $1 Kindle case  A You Tube Video. This cover hides the kindle in a book which would be useful when you are worried your Kindle will get stolen.  Get detailed instructions at Dadjunk.com

10 Kindle Cases you Can Make for Free  A YouTube Video.

Here’s one Made from a Diary similar to mine but with sides. You Tube video.

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  1. Note by Karen L Rosier
    The site Best Kindle Reviews reprinted this whole blog post without naming K LeRosier as the source. The only change is admin took my pics out and put a new photo in, other than that they did not add any original material. It appears to be their own work. The only connection/credit given is the phrase Homemade Kindle Covers on the bottom with a link to my blog post. I tried to comment on the site but you have to be registered to comment and there is no place to register on site. I contacted site administrator and asked them to clearly credit the source or remove it but have not heard back.

    As a blogger struggling to gain readership and who spends several hours on each blog and creating illustrations, I can not tell you how upset I am with this. I can only hope this gets rectified. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but in real life and the law you must cite the source.

  2. Kay-Bot

     /  08/31/2011

    This is great! They both look completely professional for not too much money and not too much time- my kind of crafting :). I’m sorry your ideas got copied. A dorky version of this happened to me when I made a MTG deck that I was so proud of and almost won me a tournament (small tournie, but I had just started playing so I was thrilled) so I posted it online and someone copied it completely but changed 2 cards and took credit for it. I cried. I no longer post my decks online, but I hope you don’t have to resort to not sharing your information because I love it and I’m sure your other followers do to!

    • He didn’t just steal my idea he copied the article word for word. It is not ignorance. Images are protected better by law and he uses his own images. I checked his other posts and they are ALL copied word for word from other blogs and he only puts a link on bottom of page. However when he swipes from Amazon he clearly cites the source at the beginning of the article–see he knows what he is doing is wrong. Most people do not have Amazons resources so he feels free to copy and paste at will. I even “told on him” to some of the other bigger blogs hoping they would have some means to counter this but got no results.

      I can’t even blacklist him since using his address would only result in more traffic for him.


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