Kindle Indie Bookstore Launched but Good Luck Finding It

Launched on Aug 10, Kindle Indie Bookstore was created to showcase Indie (self-published) Kindle ebooks and provide an easy way to browse for them. The bookstore is found at

The homepage sections include Featured Author, Customer’s Top Rated Indie Books, Indie Popular New Releases, and Recommended for you. The sidebar provides the option of searching by the most popular genres.

I explored the Kindle Indie Bookstore and was impressed and dismayed.

🙂 I liked the sections and most of the highly recommended books were only $.99 and offer free sample chapters. I ordered samples of a few I was curious about. I found the store a useful tool for sifting through the thousands of self-published ebooks in the Kindle store.

😦  Strangely Amazon claims they created the Kindle Indie Bookstore to

“provide readers a convenient way to explore and browse some of the indie selections,”

I searched both Amazon and the Kindle Store browsers but failed to find Kindle Indie Books store. Search phrases including, Kindle Indie Books, Kindle Indie Bookstore, and Indie Bookstore all failed to bring me to the store. In fact the only way I could find it was with the above web page address or links in other blogs.

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  1. Bobbie

     /  08/18/2011



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