Top Ten List from Paul

A while back, my husband provided this Top Ten List via a birthday card. He chose the card because of my Blog’s Top Ten Lists–isn’t he sweet and thoughtful for a husband of 26 years?  I had to use his list. Since this was a Hallmark card I paraphrased the wording and, of course, tied each one to the blog topic.

For my Wife’s Birthday:
Top 10 Things
I Should Say More Often


“A shame to miss the Bears but the floor needs a mopping, and after all Karen is reading.”


“Nice outfit, but it needs a great pair of shoes; go shopping and I’ll guard your Kindle from the cats.”


“Let’s watch a chick flick, I”ll puke if I watch one more chase scene. How about that movie based on that Paranormal romance book you liked?”


 “I’m pooped, lets just snuggle while you read an ebook.”


 “I really wish they would use normal looking models in that swim suit issue. I wonder if there are Kindle subscriptions for that magazine…”


 “My thumb is getting out sore, could you take control of the remote please? I’ll guard your Kindle from the cats.”


“I miss your family, they haven’t been over much. We could all discus the book we’ve read.”


 “Do you need more blankets over there Honey. I’ll put away Kindle and protect it from the cats.”


  “Okay, I’ll carry that heavy handbag, who cares if we’re walking past the building site. You should of packed the kindle instead of books.”


 “I’ll always love you, even if you do read too much.”

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  1. Bobbie

     /  08/16/2011


  2. Nancy Umstead

     /  08/16/2011

    Cute! Paul’s a good guy but has he ever said these things? I especially like the chick flick one.

  3. Uh maybe the let’s just cuddle one, possibly the blanket one 🙂
    He didn’t write them, he just found a Hallmark card with them.
    I do often ask him to guard my kindle from the cats while I dash for a drink or to washroom.

  4. KMW

     /  08/16/2011

    How sweet…and untruthful at the same time. lol

  5. Linda

     /  08/17/2011

    So how much cat hair can really invade a Kindle before it craps out? I have two cats and a shedding pekingese so it is important for me to know this before I make the investment.

    • Cat hair isn’t the issue silly. They do things like walk over it, sleep on it, and jump on it!
      My cats are not declawed so the screen could get scratched badly. I don’t think the screen was made for a 15 lb cat to jump on! Even in a case I don’t think 15lb of cat pounce is good. I usually take the Kindle out of the case to read and will set it down. I have learned to set it face down at least, but still. They like to lay on what ever was taking too much of my attention, keyboard, book, laundry.


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