The pBook Strikes Back! (printed books against ebooks)

In his  8/4/2011 Chicago Tribune article titled:  (link to article )

“Time For Book Publishers to Fight Dirty”

Aaron Gilbreath challenges Book Publishers to launch a TV ad campaign to counter Kindle Commercials.

“Kindles are convenient, but in environmental terms, they’re the cellulose acetate cigarette filter of the reading world.”

He also suggests commercials marketing to the senses, the smell and feel of a book.
Well he started it; ebooks need to launch a counter attack.

The Return of the eBook

Kindle owners and eBook lovers think Printed Book lovers should also consider
the musty dank, smell of OLD BOOKs!

This had been kind of fun and yet Time for Booksellers to Fight Dirty coming out of the Chicago Tribune is a creepy sign of the times. Who knew buying a Kindle would make a reader the enemy of books, that Kindle owners might need to consider going into the closet. Are there KA groups meeting in Library basements?  I wonder if the makers/owners of parchment scroll books attacked the new fangled bound book makers and owners?

The springboard for this blog came from a blog post in  The Digital Reader blog (which is one of my favorites.)
It’s time for publishers to start an ad campaign that attacks bookstores

Chicago Tribune, Time for Book Publishers to fight Dirty

Learn More:
How to Get Rid of Book Mites
How to Eliminate Mold and Mildew from Books.

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  1. Nancy Umstead

     /  08/12/2011

    Is there really such a thing as bookmites & lice?

  2. Bobbie

     /  08/12/2011



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