Top Ten Practical Uses for Old Printed Books (eBooks Won’t Work)

Through the ages there have been many irreverent uses for books, especially in a pinch. I have fond childhood and adult memories of books used in unusual ways. I’ve put my books to every use listed, with the exception of #2. I abhor those who do interior design with books especially in home of those who don’t even read books, but alas it’s commonly done so it earned #2.

What uses are on your top ten list?
Please share them, leave a comment.


 Prop Window Open



 Hot Wheels Tunnel



 To Hide behind


 Booster Chair




 Flower Press


 Cheap Bookshelves

..(Boards & Piled Books)


 Monitor Height


 Interior Design



Illustrations by K LeRosier, photographs from Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Scott

     /  08/09/2011

    I’m actually propping up my monitor with books as we speak, didn’t even think of that! Love the lists, keep ’em coming KLR

  2. I do too! I use a second monitor with my laptop when I write. It’s held up by “The Idiots Guide to Writing Romance” 🙂
    Thanks for complements and comments.

  3. Nancy Umstead

     /  08/09/2011

    I buy & trade books at a used book store. I recently cleaned off my shelf sorting out the ones I already read. Chuck was putting up a long shelf & needed something to temporarily hold them up. That was the 1st thing he thought of – my stack of books. I also remember using books as furniture for Barbie dolls. Flat it’s a bed. Open it up & its a chair or sofa.

    • One of those home improvement shows sawed misc. old encyclopedias down to spine and a couple of inches of book. They glued them to the wall with stained 2 by 4s to look like a library without losing a lot of space in the room.. Just wrong.

  4. Bobbie

     /  08/12/2011

    What number was this use, if u saw in your researcing, underneath a wobbly leg of furniture to become stable?
    I believe that reason is my favorite.

    • The expert source for that list was just me 🙂 The research was done in my head full off useless tidbits. Table leveler would be low on my list since matchbooks work so much better! Hmm…maybe not… it’s probably tough to find a matchbook now days lots of books around.

      Tip: Assume I am the “expert source” for top tens unless I provide credit and a link to another source.

  5. Kay-Bot

     /  08/31/2011

    lol! I think I’d smash a bug with my hand rather than smash it with a book (and smashing with my hand would be super icky!) that’s what your husbands flip flops are for!

    • When your home is being invaded you use what ever weapon that’s at hand. For me that used to be a printed book. (I won’t kill a bug with my kindle though.


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