Brewster Kahle will Squirrel Away 10 Million Books

In the current ebooks vs printed books debate, some people predict that the physical books will go the way of the dinosaur. This brings concern that a digital catastrophe could feasibly wipe out all the ebooks.  Thanks to Brewster Kahle book doomsday worriers can rest assured.

Brewster Kahle has a goal to collect every physical printed book ever published and preserve them forever. He scans the books first and stores them digitally, then bundles the physical books, seals them in plastic, and stores them in waterproof and fire proof containers.

So far he has over 500,000 books, most donated. His goal is 10 million; he has a long way to go. I searched far and wide for contact information or an address to send donate books but failed.  I will keep my eyes open and report any findings.

Click below for a video about Kahle’s endeavor from Yahoo.

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Photo from Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Bobbie

     /  08/06/2011

    This is quite an undertaking for him. I wonder what the reason is that he is doing this adventure?

    • He says something like, he loves books and wants to be sure they are available for future generations. Decades ago, he also began saving a copy of every internet site/page ever made!

  2. Heidi

     /  08/26/2011

    I wish he had a site where you could see what books he has and then send him books that you are discarding, recycling, or donating to good will. I would send him books!


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