Top Eight The Kindle Million Club

Hope you had a Happy 4th of July!

It’s a legal Holiday, workers get the day off, a 20% reduction in their work week.  Top Ten Tuesday has been reduced by 20% to honor Independence Day. (And there happens to be only eight Author’s in the Kindle Million Club.)

The Top Eight Kindle Authors & Members of the Kindle Million Club

On June 20, 2011 amazon announced that John Locke had become the eighth author to sell one million kindle books at the Kindle store, 1,010,370 to be exact (at time of announcement.) Quite an accomplishment but what is really remarkable is he is the first independently published author to do so.

Take note of the dates each authors induction into the club was announced. The announcements are getting closer and closer together reflecting as Kindle eBooks sales exponential growth this year. I’ll bet I can provide number 9 and 10 by months end.

10   9    IOU 🙂

8 John Locke  – 6/20/11

Author of  the Donavan Creed novels and  Emmett Love Novels.  And a new non-fiction book, How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months.

7 Michael Connelly   –  6/9/11

Author of Crime Novels,  Harry Bosch  and Mickey Haller Series.

6 Suzanne Collins  –  6/6/11

Author of the  Fantasy series The Underland Chronicles and Science Fiction trilogy The Hunger Games.

5 Lee Child  6/6/11

Author  the  Jack Reacher Novels.

4 Charlaine Harris   –  5/11/11

Author of ten Urban Fantasy, Sookie Stackhouse Novels, eight  Aurora Teagarden Series  novels, four Harper Connelly Series.

3 Nora Roberts

The popular Author of too many series, trilogies and novels to count.

2 James Patterson   –  10/26/10

Mystery author of sixteen Alex Cross novels, ten Women’s Murder Club books and other series.

Stieg Larson 7/27/10

Author of The Millennium Trilogy.

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  1. %#&$(@$$ (*$@#^$&% *%$#@*^*()

    Stupid visual editor…stupid me…. I can’t figure out where all these extra spaces come from. The formatting is grinding my head into the dirt!

  2. Number 9: Scott Rosier, author of KLe’s Awesome Usage of Smileys

  3. Kay

     /  07/09/2011

    I’m glad to see authors I recognize are doing so well with ebooks! I’d like to see more authors I know and love make the list soon.

  1. What am I reading this week? Jerusalem Springs by author Fares Aoun « …At Your Fingertips

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